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After the Gaza campaign underscored anti-Jewish sentiment among Israeli Arabs and the governing parties failed to take any meaningful actions against the enemy, polls give Yisrael Beitenu fifteen seats, making it the third-largest party.

In the spineless world of Israeli politics, Lieberman may indeed be the least worse mainstream politician.

The Arab League summit couldn’t decide on what to do with Gaza. No decision was made on the amount of aid, the way to channel it (through Hamas or the PLO), or whether to meet Israeli demands regarding arms smuggling.

The Saudis pledged $1 billion to Gaza, but as usual they are unlikely to deliver.

The Evangelical-funded International Fellowship of Christians and Jews paid $11 million to finance Jewish education in the Former Soviet Union.

The situation is beyond absurd. The FSU “Jewish” programs are bloated and irrelevant and must be largely abandoned. A typical class involves a couple of assimilated Jews along with a dozen cross-wearing students whose grandmothers were Jewish—or so her faked birth certificate says. Several programs pay the students significant stipends, which is their only reason for attendance. The education level both in generic and Jewish education hit bottom while bureaucratic expenses went through the roof.

It comes down to how spend the limited funds best. Wasting tens of thousands dollars per FSU student—who is 90 percent likely to assimilate, even if he’s Jewish in the first place—is unreasonable.

If the government believes that FSU education is needed, then $11 million doesn’t seem like a huge amount for the State of Israel. The Jewish Agency cut the equivalent financing after its budget was reduced by 10 percent. With no aliyah in sight, the JA wastes $400 million annually. Not only is this senseless, its expenses are counterproductive: in order to justify its moribund existence, the Sohnut invents Jews from Russian Jews-by-grandfather-to-Ethiopian Christians-turned-Jews-to-Indians.

Th Evangelicals are good people and genuine supporters of Israel, but we can educate Jews on our own.

Three years ago, Ms. A divorced her American husband to return to Israel. Despite the American court’s order, she took her child to Eretz Israel.

The woman acted in strict accordance with common sense and Jewish religious law: if a wife wants to go to Eretz Israel and her husband refuses, the law forces him to comply or divorce her and pay compensation.

The United States issued an international arrest warrant for Ms. A for kidnapping her own child. She’s being held at a high-security Israeli jail in Ramle.

Under Israeli pressure, the Nigerian government made token efforts to combat defection to Israel by Nigerian pilgrims to Jerusalem. The Nigerian move—establishing a task force—is merely symbolic.

While most Africans cross the Israeli border illegally, some play the luxury hog, obtaining Israeli visas for the pilgrimage and then defecting.

Arab TV stations throughout the world ran a charity marathon, which collected $500 million for Gaza. Foreign Arabs are deeply involved in the fight against Zionists.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu confirmed the story of a woman miraculously appearing before IDF troops in Gaza to warn them of booby-trapped houses. According to the immensely authoritative rabbi, he prayed at Rachel’s tomb to that end.

As Ben Gurion once quipped, in this land the ultimate realists believe in miracles.

IDF won’t officially release the names and photos of high-level commanders in the Gaza operation lest they be sued in foreign courts for war crimes.

Tzipi Livni considered canceling her visit to Brussels amid fears of prosecution.

If the international courts are so efficient, why doesn’t the Israeli government sue Hamas there for shelling Jewish civilians?

The Arab director of a school in Jaffa (Tel Aviv area) ordered a mourning ceremony for the Palestinians killed in Gaza. The school has a number of Jewish students and children.

An Amsterdam court ordered criminal prosecution of Geert Wilders for the movie Fitna. Wilders is accused of inciting hatred and insulting Muslims.

The movie made the opposite claim— that the Quran incites hatred toward non-Muslims and insults any reasonable person. The appellate court didn’t consider indictment against Muslim preachers.

Freedom of speech crumbles under the leftist onslaught.

AP correspondents witnessed the first smuggling operations the day IDF withdrew from Gaza.

Which is no surprise.

lake Kineret driedFor the first time in the state’s history, Israel stopped pumping water from Lake Kineret as its level dropped close to the black line.

Weeks ago, a Jerusalem water supply company published an official report detailing massive theft of water by Arabs. In every Israeli town and village, Arabs steal vast quantities of water and refuse to pay for metered consumption. Arab farmers routinely draw water directly from intercity pipes.

Israel supplies water to Jordan, Gaza, and the West Bank. Only a warped Jewish mind could envisage supplying cheap water to our enemies when Jews pay for expensive desalinated water.

In his first full day as US president, Barack Hussein Obama made his first international call: to the arch-terrorist and Holocaust-denier Abbas.

The London Evening Standard, a very popular tabloid with opinion-making capabilities, was sold to a Russian mogul for one pound.

Israel suffers from anti-Semitic sentiment in Britain, which leads to numerous problems in international organizations, but did not muster the $20 mil a year it would have taken to cover the Standard’s losses and turn the paper into the voice of Israel.