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The number of Hamas attacks compares favorably with the number of Israeli air strikes on Gaza. Hamas apparently failed to launch the Iranian Fajr missiles on Tel Aviv for technical reasons.

Gazans received 42,000 tons of aid during the three-week war, or about two pounds per Arab per day. Latet is the only Jewish charity to abet the enemies.

Despite heated arguments and abundant evidence of both BALAD and UAL cooperating heavily with foreign enemies, including Syria, Lebanon, and Hamas, the court will reinstate them for the current elections, as it did in 2003.

The Central Elections Committee disqualified the Arab parties from running because they dispute the Jewish character of the State of Israel by demanding ethnic-blind democracy. According to the Attorney General, that’s not a good reason to ban the Israeli Arab parties.

Aaron Karov is one of the settler backbone of Israeli paratroopers. Once the exclusive domain of kibbutzniks, the elite units now rely on new pioneers, the settlers.

Lt. Karov left for war the day after his marriage. His act was the subject of controversy among the Orthodox population because the Torah commands newlyweds to stay at home for a year and spares them from military obligation. Aaron’s father distributed a leaflet throughout synagogues pointing out correctly that the release only concerns wars of expansion. In an obligatory war of defense, every man must fight.

Not only the defense of Israel motivated Lt. Karov; he also felt himself most suited to lead his platoon into the fighting. He won’t abandon the soldiers he has trained with.

Aaron received massive head injuries when his platoon entered a booby-trapped building. He survived twelve-hour-long neurosurgery and returned to consciousness.

Contrary to† expectations, IDF has fully withdrawn from Gaza. Hamas is left free to rebuild and rearm itself. No agreement has been reached on Rafah anti-smuggling efforts. The US-Israeli MoU on Rafah control is a mere declaration of principles without the slightest likelihood of being implemented.

Israel’s unilateral ceasefire complies with all Hamas’ demands, except for the opening of all the border crossings. Israel did, however, open crossings for humanitarian and some commercial cargo, thus substantially meeting Hamas’ demands in that regard as well.

It seems that the Israeli-Hamas row over a ceasefire, where both sides rejected each other’s demands publicly and proceeded with unilateral actions was merely a show. Amos Gilad’s and Livni’s visits to Cairo hours before the ceasefire was announced could only serve to convey Israeli acceptance of Hamas demands. By the time of the Israeli officials’ visits, Hamas’ delegation had left the talks, so Livni was not there to negotiate.

Israel returns to the situation of early Decemberósporadic attacks from Gaza. Hamas celebrates victory with numerous festivities across Gaza.