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The Israeli government set ceasefire terms, which Hamas has already rejected: IDF will refrain from firing and expects Hamas to do likewise. Additionally, Hamas must stop tunneling. Livni went even further and demanded Gilad Shalit’s return as another condition of the ceasefire.

Palestinians routinely fired at Israel during the three-hour humanitarian ceasefire. They will not cease if Israel does. The very fact of IDF’s presence in Gaza is unacceptable to Hamas, but the Israeli government knows that our withdrawal would mark Hamas’ victory and that arms smuggling would resume.

The government seeks to transfer the blame to Hamas: Israel unilaterally declares a ceasefire and Hamas breaks it. Then IDF stays in Northern Gaza and conducts forays into Rafah to deal with arms smuggling. Yet, Livni continues to assert that the 2005 disengagement was right.

It remains to be seen whether Barack Hussein Obama would go along with the Israeli occupation of Gaza. Hillary Clinton and perhaps Joe Biden would support us, but every other advisor is pro-Palestinian.

Israel disengagement from Gaza

Horatio NelsonThe British government offered to send its navy to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. As if we need anyone’s help.

An Israeli Arab doctor, Izz ad Din Abu al Aish, lost his children in an IDF strike on Gaza. According to the doctor, they were involved in “peace work.” You bet. So the doctor, named after Izz ad Din Kassam, an archetypal Jew-hater, called a press conference in Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv, where he said openly that “peace” is his weapon.

A few normal Jews, including a mother of three paratroopers, ended the show.

A day after Livni signed a memorandum with Rice on joint efforts to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, Egypt refused to play its part. The memo imagined the US troops training and equipping the Egyptians to counter the smuggling, and international monitors stationed in the Philadelphi corridor.

Egypt, under heavy pressure from the Arab street for cooperating with Israel, and angry at Israel for refusing Hamas’ demands, wants no foreign troops in its territory and needs no training for something as simple as breaking into peasants’ houses to search for tunnels.