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Israeli Arabs hurled massive rocks at an IDF base in Haifa, damaging several vehicles.

Following a Russian-Ukrainian brawl over gas supplies, which left eighteen European countries without gas, the affected nations considered alternative energy sources.

Slovakia and Bulgaria are working to restart their old, outdated, and dangerous nuclear power plants.

PRC reportedly used a tunnel near Nahal Oz to cross into Israel. They also boast of killing three Jews in the process.
IDF hasn’t release any information yet.

Russian Admiral Kuznetsov’s aircraft carrier group moored in the Syrian port of Tartus, which is converted to a Russian naval base. The ship carries an S-300 anti-aircraft system, which is theoretically to protect Russians against an imagined enemy, but practically shields Syria from an Israeli attack. Now Assad can go on with his nuclear program.

In the wake of ceasefire talks, fighting intensified in Gaza. By now a long-term truce is out of question, and only a short-term ceasefire is being discussed. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and FM Livni agree with Hamas on a short-term ceasefire because IDF has exhausted its strategic options in Gaza, while other Israeli ministers pushed for a long-term solution that would eradicate Hamas. Olmert sharply disagrees with the short-term ceasefire.

Israel and Hamas made drastically different demands for ceasefire. Hamas accepted, at most, that IDF withdraws from Gaza immediately upon the ceasefire agreement; earlier Hamas had insisted on withdrawal as a precondition of ceasefire. Israel insists on staying in northern Gaza for a prolonged time to ensure an end to Kassam attacks and eventually deliver the area to Fatah. For its part, Fatah doesn’t want to take over Gaza, even its northern part, as it fears another defeat at the hands of Hamas.

Hamas also demands that Israel open all crossings into Gaza. The demand is not absurd, but the Israeli government insists on sealing Gaza off.

The parties disagree on significant technicalities: Hamas is only prepared to see a token international force in Rafah, one that cannot finish off its tunnel industry and weapons smuggling. Israel insists on a more stringent solution. Since no international force can end the smuggling, Israel would eventually compromise.

Hamas cannot ensure compliance with the ceasefire. As the past few months have shown, smaller guerrilla groups will continue firing at Israel. As a result of the Israeli invasion, a younger generation of militants has advanced in Hamas’ hierarchy as their older brethren hid in bunkers.

Hamas is unwilling to offer Israel anything more than a short-term ceasefire—essentially a pause to re-arm.

As before, the ceasefire can only be implicit, as Israel refuses to recognize Hamas or negotiate with it directly. The absence of a detailed written agreement opens the door to mutual accusations, and the new ceasefire will end in a spiral of violence just like the one that expired on December 19.

It’s odd for Israel to recognize Hamas for the purpose of fighting it, but not for talking to it.

Palestinians in Hebron firebombed an IDF post, trying to set the soldiers on fire. The same troops saved Palestinians a month ago from a Jewish mob angry about the Peace House eviction.

For the first time, massive numbers of IDF troops have entered densely populated Palestinian areas. The army cannot stay there for long without greatly endangering itself from sniper fire, so it seems that the government pressures Hamas into a favorable ceasefire.

In a CBS interview, Obama promised to take on the Gaza issue from the first day of his presidency. The poor American voters thought he would rather attend to their needs, but being unable to do anything about the US economy, Obama will turn against Israel instead.

Obama reiterated his support for a two-state solution, which is a euphemism for twenty-three Arab states and one Jewish state saturated with Arabs. The small fact that Hamas rules a statelet of its own and doesn’t accept Fatahstan in the West Bank doesn’t bother the President.

Obama promised to pull Syria out of international isolation and involve the terrorist regime in discussions over Israeli security. Sort of like wolves guarding sheep.

Saudi Chief Mufti has issued a fatwa allowing Arab men to marry ten-year-old girls.
And why not? Mohammed’s most beloved wife Aisha was nine or eleven years old at the time of their marriage.

A week ago, Hamas’ Kassam Brigades announced that they had shot down an Israeli UAV. IDF reported that the UAV was hit by friendly fire from an Israeli helicopter. The accuracy of IDF’s account is doubtful, as it isn’t easy for a helicopter crew to mistake an Israeli UAV for an enemy.