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Somali piratesFaced with naval inspections, Iran reportedly changed the delivery mode of weapons to Gaza. The Iranian regime has subcontracted pirates to deliver weapons to Somalia and Eritrea. From there weapons are delivered by land to Sinai and smuggled into Gaza.

The US Navy claims to have intercepted several rocket shipments from Iran. The reports are dubious because Iran provided Hamas with only a small quantity of Farj rockets. Transporting other weapons from Iran makes no sense, as they can be procured in Africa.

Palestinians throw rocksA Jewish settler, Amos Merav, accidentally shot a fifteen-year-old Palestinian. A large group of Arab youths assaulted the Israeli’s car with rocks and posed grave danger to him and his daughter. The settler claims to have fired into the air.

Stoning incidents take place daily in Judea and Samaria, and police don’t investigate most of them.

The dead Palestinian has a long story of arrests for essentially terrorist activity but, being a minor, he has been always released.

The Jewish shooter faces indictment for wrongful death.

Update: The coroner found that the Arab didn’t die of gunshot wounds, but from something else.

The government opened more crossings into Gaza, ostensibly to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid to Hamas voters. But Kerem Shalom Crossing is more than enough for that job. It seems the government opened crossings in de facto acceptance of Hamas’ terms of ceasefire.

white phosphorusIn a rare act of not condemning Israel, the International Red Cross confirmed that IDF only used white phosphorus for illuminating targets, rather than to burn Hamas members and their supporters.

How come it was legal for the US to firebomb Tokyo?

Two pipe bombs were located on the Tunnel Highway; there were no casualties. The perpetrators were not Hamas members but our good Arab neighbors.

Encouraged by the lack of Israeli retaliation for previous attacks, Lebanese fired another volley of rockets at northern Israel, striking Kiryat Shmona. Possibly Iran tried to encourage Hamas without endangering Hezbollah in a full-scale fight. IDF shelled an open area in fake retaliation.

When some terrorists from the sovereign state of Pakistan attacked India a month ago, India threatened with war and Pakistan promptly fought and arrested the perpetrators.
The Israel government expressed hope that the attack was an isolated incident. Indeed, why should the government care about a couple of rocket attack on its northern side? Hey, it’s only Jews who suffer there.

anti-Israeli demonstration in CanadaIsraeli media dwell on anti-Israeli demonstrations in Europe, but so far they aren’t large and mostly occur in places infested with Muslims. Even the 100,000-strong rallies in Madrid and Sevilla drew mainly local Muslims. A small number of local leftists joined Esau.

European Muslims sense the police’s unwillingness to deal with them, and riot. In Oslo and Paris, demonstrators hurled firebombs. But overall the demonstrations are not huge. Naturally, anti-Israeli demonstrations are much larger than pro-Israeli ones: Jews are few and their friends are usually good soft people who don’t want to take to the streets.

Just a day after the International Red Cross cleared Israel of charges of using white phosphorus against Gaza civilians, the world woke up to a shock: shells with white phosphorus were fired at the civilian population.

White phosphorous is a horrific ammunition that sticks to human skin and continues to burn there until cut out. Photos of the victims of white phosphorous attacks are among the peace activists’ strongest arguments.

Strangely, this time human rights groups refrained from lambasting the perpetrators. The UN remained silent about this clear-cut war crime. No protests took place in Western capitals.

Because the phosphorous shells have been fired by Palestinian terrorists at Jews.

Palestinian terrorists fired phosphorous shells at Israel Negev communities populated exclusively by civilians, with no military presence whatsoever. The Palestinians were not deterred by the large numbers of fellow Bedouin Arabs in the Negev. The shells struck Eshkol District, where both Jewish farmers and Arab Bedouins live.

Human rights organizations saturated the Internet with condemnations of Israel after numerous white phosphorous shells and canisters were discovered in Gaza following IDF’s operation. The International Red Cross Committee confirmed Israel has only used white phosphorous ammunition to illuminate targets, with no harm to Palestinian civilians or guerrillas.

Despite the ICRC report, Palestinian groups stepped up the outcry over Israel’s use of white phosphorous ammunition in an attempt to deflect attention from their own use of it. In the latest case, Palestinian UNRWA personnel claims to have been attacked with white phosphorous shells—despite the absence of burned victims.

white phosphorous shell

Not that the Bolivians woke up one morning to learn there are people called “Jews” and a place called “Gaza.” Rather, Bolivia is yet another Latin American country literally purchased by Iran, which has invested in Bolivian gas infrastructure.

Following isolationist trends in the US, and America’s unwillingness to engage unfriendly governments, Iran bought their loyalty with relatively small investments.

Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorist groups are active in the Bolivian Muslim diaspora.

Residents of the eternal Jewish capital, where Jews dwell in safety, were thrown into panic today when sirens sounded in response to Palestinian rockets fired in the direction of Jerusalem.

Italian rabbis have pulled out of the Vatican conference on Judaism amid the Pope’s insistence on a mass that expresses the hope that Jews will someday convert and start worshiping icons.

How can rabbis participate in any Vatican conference at all, especially one in which Catholics speak about Judaism?
Why is a Christian prayer the rabbis’ business?
Don’t those rabbis recall what their own prayers say about other faiths?

Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa that bars Shia Muslims from buying any products made by Israeli companies. The Ayatollah is not bothered by the fact that he discriminates against Israeli Arab workers. The world screams about Israel’s boycott of Gaza, but is okay with the Iranian boycott of Israel.

The Iranians also proscribed foreign companies that deal with Israel or have any shares owned by Israelis. If carried out, the ban would evict every foreign company from Iran.

As the Palestinian death toll reached today one thousand—less than 0.1% of Gaza’s Jew-hating population—Hamas agreed to a sort of ceasefire—if Israel more or less capitulates, leaves Gaza, and opens crossings for weapons smuggling.

The end of the Gaza operation is not near yet. Israeli troops will stay in northern Gaza for some time until weapons-smuggling ceases—and the troops will tempt Palestinian guerrillas. So the clashes will continue.
American monitors and Turkish or Egyptian troops in Rafah cannot stop the tunnel industry for the simple reason that it’s a matter of life and death to Hamas.