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We remained skeptical as scores of commentators declared Hamas to be in shambles. Our reasoning is simple: an army cannot defeat an entrenched and disorganized guerrilla group—that’s a truism. That’s like cutting water with a knife. It takes years of police work to eradicate guerrillas.

As Israeli reservists poured into Gaza, they encountered significant resistance that left fifty Palestinian guerrillas dead and close to three hundred wounded. Note that those were brave and stupid guerrillas who clashed with mammoth army forces head-on rather then let them through. The majority of Palestinian guerrilla forces would do just that.

The current push in Gaza is not like the Lebanon war of 2006, which was inadequate, and thus useless. This one is adequate in terms of the numbers involved, but too short in terms of time, as Israel would have to pull out fairly soon.

It seems that IDF is fighting to create a beachhead for PLO thugs in northern Gaza. The idea is to remove Palestinian terrorists from the north so that they cannot fire Kassams into Israel, and bet on ending weapons-smuggling from Egypt so that Palestinians in the south would run out of the longer-rage Grad and Farj rockets.

IDF troops slowly enter the densely populated areas of Gaza to comb for terrorists. This phase of the operation is the most dangerous, as soldiers have to differentiate between civilians and un-uniformed terrorists, enter booby-trapped houses and public buildings, and encounter ambushes.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Egyptian officials clarified the details of Mashaal’s meeting with Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani. Not only did he encourage Hamas and PIJ to fight on, but pressed them to do so. Larijani threatened to cut Iranian aid and military supplies should Hamas and PIJ accept the ceasefire.

Iran’s problem with the ceasefire is not so much that it suspends Islamic resistance to Israel’s existence, but with the fact that it was brokered by Egypt. Iran and Egypt are increasingly at odds for dominance in the region, which twenty years ago was unquestionably dominated by Israel.

The fifteen-year-old from the village of Kalansua prohibited his twenty-year-old sister from leaving the house to hang out, and duly killed her when she refused.

Attorney General Mazuz revealed that his office works hard to prepare for international lawsuits, which he expects to be filed against Israel for her anti-terrorist operation in Gaza. The Attorney General’s office is involved in military planning down to every strike to ensure maximum compliance with international law.

Mazuz should have put more energy into suing the Palestinians for their terror against Israel. Instead, he opposed several suits filed in Israel against the Palestinian Authority for terrorist damages.

Somehow no one sued the Allies for bombing German cities in WWII.

Arab Israeli kids remain in custody for hurling stones at Israeli police during the Arab riots. An appeals court overturned the Hadera court’s decision to release the scum.

But there’s a problem: sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds stay in jail, but their younger compatriots are promptly released. By refusing to recognize the Arab riots as war, Israel is left with no options for dealing with eitht-to-fourteen-year-old Arabs who throw stones at Jews.

Waltz with Bashir, a comedy that depicts disoriented, demoralized Israeli soldiers who suffer from imagined atrocities and reminisce over Sabra and Shatila, won one of the highest movie awards. Beaufort, another leftist Lebanese movie with similar content, also received numerous prizes.

The world’s critics love Jewish self-flagellation.

The French plan for international monitors in Gaza is really absurd: the monitors are to verify both sides’ adherence to the ceasefire. Now, imagine a Turkish soldier looking into the air all day every day to see when PIJ launches rockets at Israel. Nonsense. Israel has documentary proof of ceasefire violations in the form of rocket remains.

International monitors cannot monitor arms smuggling, which is covert by definition.

The world that fumed at Israel for hitting a UNRWA school missed a Grad rocket that struck an apartment building in Ashkelon next to a school.

For the first time, a rocket from Gaza reached Kiryat Gat, thirty-five miles from Tel Aviv.

One wonders, what would be the American reaction to rocket attacks thirty-five miles off Manhattan.

The rocket attack came during the three-hour ceasefire Israel maintains for humanitarian aid to Gaza. This time is especially safe for the terrorists.

Too early and too late, Livni and Barak call for ending the Gaza operation. To make the operation an efficient punishment that reestablishes deterrence, Israel should have ended the operation two weeks ago. As a move to uproot Hamas, the operation is months from conclusion.

Olmert is pushing to continue the operation, and the Security Cabinet supports him.

It was a stupid idea to unseat Olmert on irrelevant corruption charges and replace him with Livni, who is more concerned about world opinion than Jewish security.

Three sisters of the Hamas leader have lived in Israel for thirty years, happily married to local Bedouins.

Nothing to be surprised about after Arafat maintained in Israel his personal bank accounts, with hundreds of millions dollars on deposit.

According to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, IDF cannot attack a hospital for “obvious reasons.” Hamas members even wear medical robes in the hospital. This underscores the impossibility of waging a war against an enemy population while trying to separate wolves from the sheep who vote for them.

Dichter also confirmed that every UNRWA school and installation houses scores of terrorists who fled there.

Earlier today, PIJ revealed that they used Red Cross ambulances to cross into northern Gaza to fight IDF.

IDF ordered leftists to unload a cargo of dates that they had tried to bring into Gaza. Palestinians receive a lot of inessential food and clothing items, and then the aid agencies complain that they cannot get enough trucks into Gaza.

Hamas shells Israel during humanitarian ceasefires.

There are two aid windows with Gaza. UNRWA is allowed to bring its own trucks, while other leftist agencies use the zoo-like gates at Kerem Shalom crossing: they unload their supplies there, then the Israeli gates are shut, the Palestinian gates open, and the Gazans swarm in.