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IDF shelled an open area in Lebanon in response to the rocket attack two days ago. The symbolic move is stupid: the Lebanese rockets wounded several people in a retirement home; why shell an empty area in retaliation?

We don’t care whether Hezbollah or Palestinians fired the rockets. They were launched from the sovereign state of Lebanon, which is in a state of war with Israel, thus this deserves massive retaliation.

The Lebanese army searches for the perpetrators, but the search would have been easier if Israel had flattened a dozen government buildings in Beirut.

Israeli reservists will enter Gaza very soon, perhaps in the coming hours. Close to 20,000 soldiers received quick training in urban operations. The point is to comb Gaza from the beachhead in its northern part and destroy Hamas’ infrastructure to the point where Fatah can re-take power in a politically correct way, to save Gaza from anarchy rather than to fight Hamas alongside Zionists.

The results will depend on Hamas’ inability to regroup. Cut off from military supplies from Egypt, Hamas seems to crumble. “Seems” is a key word: Hamas feels itself sufficiently strong to reject any ceasefire that would bring foreign troops (peacekeepers) into Gaza. Mashaal’s announcement came after he met with Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani and apparently heard either demands or assurances.

Small Gaza is different from vast Lebanon: unlike Hezbollah, Hamas has no safe havens in remote regions or an open border with Syria. At this stage, Israel can prevail, but the fun would start after IDF’s withdrawal.

IDF’s tactics are so far brilliant. Even in the urban jungles of Gaza City and the Jabalya refugee camp, IDF operates with very small losses despite numerous tunnels, ambushes, and booby-trapped houses. But there’s another side to that: as IAF strikes scare Hamas’ main forces into hideouts, smaller guerrilla groups fight valiantly and obtain credibility in their absolute refusal of ceasefire.

Regardless of military feasibility, the sight of Jews fighting to install the PLO is disgusting.

In a week, the US Navy will deliver to Israel 3,000 tons of ammunition. The move is deliberately publicized, as the Navy hired commercial ships for the transportation. The stocks are not intended for the Gaza operation, but clearly to replace Israeli stocks the operation has depleted.

But there’s an oddity: the explosives are to be held at US arms depots in Israel rather than released to IDF.

Philadelpi route, Rafah CrossingIsraeli tanks and artillery embark on the demolition of houses in a small area between Philadelphi corridor and Rafah Crossing. The houses conceal hundreds, perhaps thousands of tunnels used to smuggle everything into Gaza, including weapons. In doing so, IDF cuts Palestinian military supplies to nil. This commonsense measure should have been implemented three years ago.

Conservative estimates put the cost of the Gaza invasion at $3 billion so far. As IAF reduces the scope of the operation, direct costs will not rise rapidly. The call-up of 20,000 reservists pushes indirect costs upward: at $4,500 average GDP per employee per month, economic losses run close to $1 billion monthly, further increased by economic stagnation in the embattled south.

So far, every Israeli Jewish family shelled out $3,000 to correct the government’s decision to disengage from Gaza three years ago. Staying in Gaza was not only profitable in terms of Gush Katif economic output, but far less expensive than the current invasion.

Obama took an illegal and unethical step in pursuit of his fake economic bailout plan: he launched consultations with senators before the inauguration. The President-elect plans to inject trillions of dollars into the US economy, condemning it to run a deficit for at least two generations.

Obama’s plan runs alongside the discredited Roosevelt’s policies of massive government spending. Last time they were tried, America entered a decades-long recession. But he has across-the-board support: leftists want more spending and regulation while the corporate world is hungry for cheap government funding.

Obama touts his plan as saving “up to 4.1 million” jobs. The .1 was added to create a sense of scientific approach. Of course, no one can ever say whether the “4.1 million” jobs were saved by the Obama plan or simply stayed the downturn. And there is a much simpler way to “save or create” that number of jobs for Americans: expel the eight to twenty million illegal immigrants who take those and many other jobs.

For all the US training of its forces and all the international support for the PLO regime, Abbas shrinks from confronting Hamas. Abu Mazen announced that Fatah thugs won’t take over the Rafah Crossing until reconciled with Hamas. The expired Palestinian president understands that Hamas in Gaza would quickly drive Fatah forces out of Rafah.

Under UN-US pressure, Israel agreed to a daily three-hour ceasefire to allow humanitarian cargo into Gaza. Palestinian terrorists continued rocket attacks on Israel during the Gaza ceasefire. And why not? It is convenient for them to launch rockets without fearing the IAF’s immediate retaliation against rocket squads during a ceasefire. Israel will abandon her absolutist approach to ceasefire and only maintain it in humanitarian corridors.

Abu Marzook said Hamas is no longer concerned with Gilad Shalit’s safety—which is reasonable, as he’s held by other militant groups. Earlier, Shalit was reported wounded in an Israeli air strike.

Israel recognizes that Hamas is not in control of Shalit, and doesn’t demand his return as a condition of the ceasefire.

Given the level of Israeli intelligence, it would be too risky for the Palestinians to keep Shalit in Gaza, if he’s still alive.

chief UK rabbi Tony BayfieldThe UK’s chief reform “rabbi,” the dean of a rabbinical college, and other prominent apostates published a letter in the Observer condemning the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

The Chinese Foreign Minister held consultations with the UN chief on the situation in Gaza. It is refreshing to know that Chinese communists have left Tienanmen and Tibet behind and now are genuinely concerned about human rights abuses by Jews.

The State Prosecution submitted a report by Attorney General Mazuz suggesting the available evidence is insufficient to convict former president Moshe Katsav on rape charges.

The failure was evident from the beginning: an extravagant lady who claimed to have been raped by the president (yet continued to work for him), versus the president himself in a contest of credibility. The establishment went after Katsav for his moderate criticism of the Gush Katif eviction and in order to clear the office for Shimon Peres.

Katsav’s is just another case of using police for political persecution in Israel. The Olmert investigation is of the same stock.

Syrian residents shot at an Israeli car across the border. Israeli officials shrugged off the incident as unrelated to the Syrian army. They expressed a similar attitude after someone fired three rockets from Lebanon into Israel: IDF retaliated with token artillery fire directed at an empty area.

Jews consider it normal when someone shoots at them, and sigh with relief when it’s not an official agent. Instead, Lebanon and Syria should be held fully responsible for whatever happens there, for every attack that originates on their territory.

A Katyusha rocket from Gaza hit a kindergarten in Ashdod when the building was empty. No outrage in the world media, of course.

In its years of operation, UN Human Rights Council issued twenty-five resolutions condemning various countries. Of them, twenty-one resolutions condemned Israel. UNHRC saw no problems in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia.

In Madrid and Seville, 100,000 demonstrators called on Israel to end the anti-terrorist operation in Gaza. Spain established diplomatic relations with Israel only in 1986.

In Israel, 600 of their ideological brethren from Meretz and Peace Now demonstrated, making similar demands.

Kadima and Likud joined Avigdor Lieberman’s petition to the Central Election Committee of Israel to bar the Arab Balad party from running for Knesset. Meretz and Avodah have no problem with Balad.

The politically correct MK cited Balad founder Azmi Bashara’s investigation for high treason as the reason for banning the party. Instead, the very name Balad should have been the reason enough to ban it: by calling the land “Balad” (motherland), the Arabs reject Jewish sovereignty over it.

One moron of a deputy defense minister named Matan Vilnai announced in a radio interview that the UNSC resolution on Gaza will force Israel to end the operation soon. The equally clever prime minister voiced the opinion that Israel has almost reached her goals.

The signal to Hamas is unmistakable: hold on for a while, don’t sue for ceasefire, the Jews will leave shortly.

The government ignores a bigger question: why should we pay any attention to the UNSC resolution? Other countries targeted by similar resolutions just don’t care about them. In her earlier days, Israel flouted UN opinion, as well. Hamas vowed to ignore UNSC resolution 1860.