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IDF soldiers, risking their lives, evacuated the Palestinian personnel of UNRWA convoy hit by terrorist fire. Palestinian guerrillas had every reason to attack the convoy and blame Israel. UNRWA says the convoy was hit by Israeli tank artillery. Whatever.

UNRWA announced that it is stopping aid distribution in Gaza because its operations are too dangerous. The UN agency cooperates with Hamas in faking a humanitarian crisis in Gaza to stop Israeli attacks.

Despite the high terror alert, thousands of Israeli police will be diverted to guard the Arabs as they pollute the Temple Mount with their Friday worship. Why do the Jews tolerate compatriots who must be guarded during a crisis?

Palestinian Arabs killed three Israeli soldiers on Thursday, more than on any other day of this operation. As usual, IDF hesitates to bomb enemy towns into dust and instead sends Jewish boys into high-risk operations where Palestinian snipers target them from houses and ambushes.

The Palestinian guerrillas clearly recuperated from the initial shock, and bravely opposed the vastly stronger Jewish forces.

The speaker of the Iranian parliament met PLFP-GC and Hamas leaders on his visit to Damascus, where he reiterated Iranian support for the terrorist groups.

Despite opposition from both Israel and Hamas, the UNSC passed a resolution demanding immediate ceasefire. To sweeten the pill, the UNSC resolution calls for durable security guarantees—which, of course, are not forthcoming. The United States abstained from voting or vetoing the resolution.

The international concern over Jews daring to defend themselves contrasts markedly with UNSC’s lax attitude toward scores of other conflicts raging around the globe.

Israel is unlikely to stop the Gaza operation immediately. Rather, Jews will stay in northern Gaza for some time, cleanse it of Hamas, and hand over to Fatah thugs.

Just like in Lebanon in 2006, Israel stepped up the offensive in response to a ceasefire resolution. The official explanation: Hamas must halt rocket attacks first. Hamas, naturally, demands that Israel end its offensive first.

A few days ago, Russian Nazis painted swastikas in Herzliya, a city named after Theodore Herzl. The arch-Zionist’s reputation sustained another wound as an Arab kid armed with axe attacked two Jews on Herzl Street in the central Israeli town of Rehovot. The kid came all the way from Jenin, a model refugee camp where Fatah police have replaced Israeli troops. As both of his victims survived, the Arab kid will be released pretty soon, a hero for his neighbors.

We took away their bombs, and they attacked us with bulldozers. We tightened security a bit, and they rammed cars into Jewish crowds. Now they attack us with axes. Should we take their teeth off?