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Three Katyusha rockets were fired by PLFP-GC or other Hamas supporters rather than Hezbollah forces. The world media are busy discussing the Israeli strike on the UNRWA school in Gaza full of terrorists (or perhaps not), and don’t care about the direct hit on an Israeli retirement home.

Hysterical brokers sent the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange down 2.4% on the news of a rocket attack in the North.

The brave Arab resisted arrest even though “without Jewish blood on his hands” he would have been released soon, and preferred death to confrontation with Israeli police.

Hundreds of dual nationals left Gaza through Eretz Crossing. According to international military practice, anyone is allowed to leave a war zone or territory under siege. The depopulation of Gaza also serves Israel well. Nevertheless, most Palestinians are not allowed to leave the battlefield in Gaza.

The world that pressures Israel to accept African economic migrants does not press Egypt to allow Gaza refugees in. Fatah doesn’t want them in the West Bank, either, and so the besieged population is trapped.

The issue of dual citizenship reminds us that Palestinian Authority issues its own passports recognized by seventy countries, including Western Europe and Russia. While Jews discuss whether to grant Palestinians statehood, they already have one.

IDF discovered a Hamas weapons cache, which contained massive quantities of explosives masked as Styrofoam sheets. A stack of such sheets can easily demolish a building.

The next time you see Styrofoam sheets in a basement, you know what to do…