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The atheist court in a sleepy Israeli town awarded compensation to three reformist outfits after the Religious Affairs Ministry refused to list them as synagogues on its web site and didn’t bother to answer their requests.
Citing the court’s ruling, massage salons might be the next to demand inclusion.

The expansive phase of the ground invasion seems to be over. IDF troops have reached their positions on the outskirts of Gaza City, and now each side tries to lure the other: IDF provokes Hamas into open battle, while Hamas invites IDF into urban fights. IDF engages in sporadic raids against insignificant targets, while
Hamas and PIJ guerrillas fight bravely.

Obama’s inauguration sets a natural deadline for the Israeli invasion. The government is still undecided whether to bring more than ten thousand mobilized reservists into Gaza for area-combing.

Fatah, too, is undecided whether it would bring its forces into northern Gaza, which has been cleared for them by Jews. Politically, the Fatah arrangement is feasible: Israel withdraws and surrenders the area to “lawful” Palestinian administration. Militarily, Fatah realizes that keeping northern Gaza would be hard—or else nothing would have precluded Fatah battalions from marching into Gaza a year ago. Ideologically, Fatah doesn’t want the appearance of being installed in Gaza on Jewish bayonets. So we’ll see.

Two more rockets from Gaza that reached as far as Beer Sheva confirm Hamas’ improved tactical abilities: the guerrillas have increased their range by choosing the launch angle more carefully.
Hamas’ rockets can also reach Dimona, though they are not powerful enough to break into Israeli nuclear installations.

Palestinian rockets struck near Gedera in central Israel, which sets their range at twenty-five to thirty miles. The Road Map peace plan envisages Tel Aviv fifteen miles from Palestinian-occupied territories.

According to the Home Front Command, Palestinian rockets can reach Rehovot. Hamas is even more categorical, threatening Tel Aviv with rocket attacks. Which is nice, in a sense, as those Jews should stop thinking about the Gaza debacle as Sderot’s affair.

Now, that’s not even hypocrisy. The Russians have decided to outdo other anti-Semites in condemning Israel. The Russian president’s Middle East envoy met the top Fatah thug in Ramallah and demanded that Israel stop the operation in Gaza immediately, lest the innocent Palestinians suffer. The envoy also condemned Israel for destabilizing the Middle East.

Of course it was Martians, rather than Russians, who killed hundreds of thousands civilians in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and similarly unfortunate places. And of course, Russian nuclear arrangements with Iran and Egypt, as well as S-300 sales, serve to stabilize the region.

Instead of rebuking Russia’s anti-Semitic regime, Israeli officials listen to them subserviently and bring gifts, such as the Sergiev Courtyard in Jerusalem.

Curiously, Arabs keep good relations with Russia, despite its atrocities in Muslim Afghanistan. Compare this to the universal hatred of the United States after Iraq, and of Israel. Arabs respect brute force, or rather the forces of brutes.

The Russians have embarked on a diplomatic offensive to win the Middle East from Americans. Besides the nuclear deals, arms sales, and stationing the Russian Navy in Syria, Russians have embraced PR measures. Thus, Medvedev ordered an aid package into Gaza. Technically, Russian aid amounts to nonsense: a direct flight from Russia brought to Gaza twenty tons of fuel (imagine the costs) and clothes (why would the Gazans suddenly need any?). Russian aid is only 0.2% of routine UNRWA and Israel (uh…) deliveries, but highly publicized.

According to Saad Hariri, the chief of Iran’s High Security Council informed him that Hezbollah won’t attack Israel in the current conflict. Hezbollah is the ruling party in Lebanon, with veto power in the government. Lebanese are concerned that Israel would legitimately retaliate against Lebanese governmental targets if attacked by Hezbollah and implore Iran to abstain.

A Grad rocket from Gaza hit her house in Gedera, twenty-five miles deep into Israeli territory. The wounds are classified as light, though it’s hard to imagine “light” shrapnel wounds on a three-month-old baby girl.

The Palestinian tried killing the Jew near the Cave of Patriarchs. Though the world was enraged by Baruch Goldstein killing a number of Arabs there, similar incidents targeting Jews occur very often.

The Palestinian attacker was arrested, regrettably alive.

An IAF strike killed three terrorists who were hiding in a UNRWA school.

Following Putin’s policy of killing terrorists (he meant Chechens) in toilets, IAF killed the three as they were leaving restrooms.

IAF bombed the home of Iman Siam, Hamas’ rocket-unit founder and artillery chief. The intelligence, which allowed IAF to strike when Siam was at home, is excellent.

A Palestinian suicide bomber approached Israeli paratroopers near El Atatra. The soldiers shot him to detonate his explosive belt before he got close.

Hamas promised a wave of suicide bombers in Israel.

Despite the court-sanctioned agreement to allow six foreign correspondents into Gaza, IDF invents all kinds of reasons to prevent them. Which is good, naturally, as we don’t need more anti-Semitic reporting. Incidentally the IDF policy leaves Al Jazeera and a handful of stringers who entered Gaza illegally as the only sources of reporting.

Turkey took the highly unusual step of intercepting Iranian cargo bound for Venezuela. Now, Turkey would hate to spoil relations with its powerful neighbor, especially at a time when it might need Iranian gas to replace the vulnerable Russian supply.

The official version is that the cargo contained an “explosives lab.” That’s ridiculous. An explosive lab is something simple enough that Venezuelans would have no trouble developing it locally. And why was the suspicious cargo inspected by physicists from Turkey’s Atomic Institute? Why were the containers opened in the first place? Thousands of containers from Iran are shipped through Turkey and almost never inspected. Clearly, the Turks received intelligence information. The cargo was sensitive enough that Iran didn’t want to ship it through Bandar Abbas port and risk interception by the US Navy.

Consider also the recent Russian commitment to develop “peaceful nuclear energy” in Venezuela. It seems Iran has transferred nuclear know-how to the US backyard.

Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador to protest the Gaza operation. Hardly anyone in Venezuela knows where Gaza is.