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The Al Jazeera statelet of Qatar tried to deliver a few tons of humanitarian cargo to Gaza. Egypt refused to allow the Qatari plane to land in Sinai; Livni allowed it to land in Israel, though Qatar has no diplomatic relations with Israel and cannot land its planes in our country.

Israel admits scores of Hamas voters for medical treatment while Egypt tries to seal its border against fleeing Gazans.

Jews are so moral toward their enemies.

UNRWA, headed by one Abu Zaid, demanded that IDF stop air strikes near the numerous UNRWA buildings in Gaza. Incidentally, UNRWA is located near major terrorist nests such as Hamas’ governorate in Gaza City.

Vice President of the European Parliament Luisa Morgantini and other officials visited Palestinians in Hebron to express their solidarity with the terrorist population.

Morgantiti remained unconcerned with a minor fact: on the same day, Israel’s military court sentenced a distinguished Hebronite from Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade to three consecutive life terms (hopefully he dies after the first one) for terrorist killings.

The Dignity, a boat rammed by the Israeli Navy ninety miles from the Gaza seashore, is being inspected in Lebanon to prove an attack.

Legally, intercepting a boat in international waters, firing near it, and ramming it undoubtedly constitute piracy. It is unclear why did the Navy simply rammed the boat and let it escape with incriminating evidence, rather than quietly drowning the whole thing out of anyone’s view.

The Israeli government actively explores ceasefire options. The PM wants international monitors in Gaza even though they proved completely useless in Lebanon. Israel drifts toward Gen. Jones’ scenario of NATO/UN forces in the Palestinian-populated areas. International monitors, the sort of people who fled Rafah Crossing after Hamas’ takeover, cannot prevent arms smuggling, but would develop a rapport with Hamas, on whom they depend for daily activities.

Just like in Lebanon, Israel demands that Hamas cease arms smuggling—which sounds good to Israeli voters, but is impossible to implement.

A ceasefire solves nothing, as Israel isn’t ready to open all the crossings into Gaza, and Palestinian guerrillas won’t cease at least sporadic attacks otherwise. The Bush Administration supports a short-term solution of enacting a ceasefire and keeping the crossings open for humanitarian cargo only.

As in Lebanon, IDF seems geared for a last-minute ground invasion just before the ceasefire kicks in. Such a scenario puts a natural time limit on the operation, and allows Israel to end it without a humiliating withdrawal amid indecisive results. To avoid the Lebanon-type losses in the infantry operation, the invasion is supposed to be fast and massive to make guerrilla hit-and-run attacks impractical.

By now everyone has forgotten the initial tough statements by Olmert, Livni, and Barak that the Gaza operation will last until Hamas is ousted and safety for Israel is assured.

Avodah IvritMazuz opened investigations against the rabbis who called upon Israelis not to hire Arabs. The halachic decisions came in the wake of bulldozer attacks by Arab laborers. The most recent stabbing attack by an Arab laborer took place just days ago in Modiin Illit.

The rabbis have another argument for their decision—that the Jewish community is primarily obligated to Jews in terms of financial support. It is impermissible, therefore, to hire Arabs when there are hungry Jews seeking the job at a comparable wage. Arabs often accept substantially lower pay because they don’t pay taxes, and Jewish employers prefer Arabs because they are more submissive as workers than Jews, who know of their labor rights.

The rabbinical arguments are halachically impeccable and, as a matter of religious discourse, fall out of the jurisdiction of Israeli law on racist incitement. At any rate, much stronger incitement against Jews takes part daily in the Arab sector.

It is obscene that the leftist establishment persecutes the leading rabbis of this generation, including Haim Kanievsky. The prosecution acts on a petition by Israeli reformists (IRAC), who hate Orthodox Jews and embrace our Arab enemies. The move, both by the reformists and the attorney general, was widely expected.

Avodah Ivrit is not necessarily a right-wing idea. Early Zionists refused to hire Arabs for the purely socialist reason that they wanted to transform the Jews into a nation of laborers.