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Damascus leaders of Hamas, PLFP-GC, and PIJ seek to establish a new “leadership organization,” which would unite Palestinian factions. Previously the PLO served that purpose, but under Israeli pressure Fatah gradually forced other factions out. The new PLO became superficially amenable to Israeli demands, but it was not representative of Palestinians, and could not force a truce on other factions.

An alternative umbrella organization, supported by Iran and Syria, would spell the end of the PLO’s  legitimacy, especially as Fatah cannot win elections.

Israel faces a choice of allowing Fatah to form a unity government with Hamas and legitimize the terrorist group as she legitimized Fatah earlier, or watching the disintegration of the now-cooperative PLO.

Speaking to Obama’s envoy George J Mitchell, Olmert revealed the details of Israel’s offer to the Palestinians: Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, minus the settlement blocs. The scheme would uproot 60,000 Jews.

Livni denied she accepted the scheme, though she is on the record conceding to similar border arrangements.

Fortunately, Palestinians reject this plan, and rightly so. A border that includes Israeli settlement blocs but excludes Arab villages would be a drunk’s path, unworkable and indefensible, and a constant source of tension.

Olmert’s plan is not different from previous governments’ plans, including those of Rabin, Barak, and Netanyahu.

It is the nature of negotiations that each side always asks for more, and American negotiators are pressing Israel for still more concessions.

Finally, the UNRWA and foreign media have confirmed the Israeli account of the incident that took place on January 6. Earlier, UNRWA, “human rights” groups accused Israel of shelling a UNRWA school where forty-three Arabs were killed. A row developed between IDF and UNRWA; IDF claimed that terrorists had fired at the troops from the school, which UNRWA denied.

After the fog of war dissipated, it appeared that guerrillas had fired at IDF troops from a crowded street, prompting IDF to shell their position – naturally, killing the bystanders.

UNRWA did not retract on its demand to investigate Israeli shelling of its school.

Police conducted their thirteenth interrogation of Israel’s PM, questioning him about the political cronies he apponted during his tenure in the Trade Ministry.

If that’s a crime, every Israeli minister belongs in jail.

Jewish army helicopters evacuated scores of wounded Palestinians to a hospital in Schem (Nablus). The Arabs were not victims of Jewish aggression, but of their own reckless driving: two Arab trucks smashed into an Arab bus.

In an  interview with The Times, the Quartet’s envoy Tony Blair expressed his willingness to attempt to draw Hamas into the peace process. Hamas’ leader Mushir al Masri rightly called Blair a fool and his offer “idiotic,” as Blair had asked Hamas to accept the Jewish state and renounce violence.

The day Hamas renounces violence, Israel won’t care for peace. Also, no honest Muslim can accept a Jewish state in this land.

After utterly failing in British politics, Blair is the man to bring peace to the world’s most complicated region.

Besides funding the UNRWA,  the EU stepped up its direct involvement in Gaza. The latest complaint is that Israel “only” allows 120 trucks a day into the enemy’s territory. This comes to three pounds of free food per Gazan, per day. The EU wants to restore aid to its previous level of 500 trucks, which was  about twelve pounds per Arab per day.

The EU and the US are UNRWA’s primary donors. They have created a communist paradise in Gaza where almost everyone is poor, but everyone’s needs are provided free. The Gazans do not have to work for living and bear no responsibility for housing, educating, or otherwise caring for their families; the UNRWA takes care of it all. Accordingly, the Arabs bred from 200,000 to 1.5 million – a mass of unskilled, criminalized people who cannot possibly be employed in the Gaza Strip.

UNRWA, which works with Palestinians, is the the only UN aid agency that provides food to a fully settled population living in its own country and facing no employment restrictions.

A Grad-type rocket has struck near Ashkelon.

It is increasingly clear that the IDF operation in Gaza did not reinstate Israeli deterrence.

Debka reports that Hamas has received anti-Navy rockets from Iran. The Israeli Navy cannot continue to operate freely against targets in Gaza.

Haifa police have banned an Arab rally to mark the first anniversary of the death of George Habash.

The arch-terrorist founder of PFLP-GC lived peacefully in Jordan and regrettably died of natural causes.

Days ago, Attorney General Mazuz slammed Lieberman’s remark referring to Israeli Arabs as “the fifth column.”

Supported by American instructors, Egypt is busy installing cameras and movement sensors along its border with Gaza. The devices are useless; most tunnels are dug from house to house, and the cameras will show nothing.

Egypt cannot really counter the weapons smuggling because of three factors: corruption, the ingenuity and numbers of the smugglers, and fear of offending powerful Bedouin tribes who live off the smuggling.

Obama's brotherKenyan police have arrested the American president’s paternal brother for marijuana possession.

It would be unusual for Kenyan police to care about such a minor offense as marijuana possession. Probably, Kenya is attempting to draw Obama’s attention and receive aid.