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The EU-funded leftists organized a fifth trip from Cyprus to break the Gaza blockade. This time an Israeli Navy boat approached them and ordered them away. During the subsequent maneuvers, the Navy bumped into the leftists’ boat and forced it back to Cyprus.

Israel explained the confrontation as due to the military operation in Gaza, and said the leftist trips might resume after the truce.

After the court ended a three-year-old dispute between the Wiesenthal Center and Israeli Arab organizations, in which Jews sought to build a museum on the land occupied by abandoned Muslim graves (which would be moved elsewhere), haredi organization Atra Kadisha engaged in a similar dispute with Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest the hospital’s expansion, lest it affect a small cemetery abandoned a thousand years ago.

Palestinians set a forest on fire near Jerusalem to protest the Gaza operation. The two Arab criminals were caught and the fire was quickly extinguished.
Arab Israeli riots turned sour, a scene of dozens to hundreds of Palestinian kids engaged in their national sport of throwing stones and burning tires.

Just about fifty Palestinians were killed or wounded in more than a dozen IAF attacks this morning.

As IAF runs out of targets and Israel loses initiative, IDF prepares for an invasion.

As IAF strikes turn haphazard, there lurks a possibility that the government has decided against a Gaza invasion, and masses the troops threateningly just to force Hamas into a truce. We’ll know soon.

Mrs. Irit Sheetrit, a mother of four, was killed in Ashdod by Grad rocket from Gaza on her way home. She apparently neglected to lay on the ground when the siren sounded, and stayed in the car. In a typically Jewish manner, Mrs. Sheetrit sent an SMS to her relatives before passing away rather than calling them.

A Druze NCO working at Nahal Oz terminal, which supplies fuel to Gaza, was another victim.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is happy about its so-far-successful media performance. International condemnations, the FM sources say, are largely symbolic, and even the UN doesn’t lambaste Israel as much as usual.

But why the symbolic condemnation? If everyone from Saudi Arabia to the United States hates Hamas and recognizes that Israel reasonably defends herself, why any condemnations at all? After Abu Mazen visited Russia a few days before the IDF operation to request Putin’s military assistance against Hamas—and, presumably, his tolerance of an Israeli invasion of Gaza—why did the Russian FM still find it necessary to condemn Israel in a pro forma statement?

Foreign governments, anti-Semitic and pandering to anti-Semites, condemn Israel reflexively.

Rathan Rakkad embarrassed Abdullah the princeling by allowing a pro-Hamas demonstration in Amman. Rakkad staunchly supported Hamas for years as Jordan officially maintained strained relations with the terrorist group.

The low number of Palestinian casualties—just two thousand in four hundred IAF sorties—is clear. Before the attacks, the politically correct IDF warned 90,000 Palestinians over the phone to flee the targeted buildings. In order to save Hamas voters, IDF spared Hamas members who will attack Israeli troops during the invasion.

Ayatollah Khamenej issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims to fight Israel on behalf of Palestinians. The Iranian Foreign Ministry implements the ayatollah’s directive.

This is a declaration of war, and the government must be stupid to miss this legal opportunity to bomb Natanz.

YNET reports on the Security Cabinet deliberations. As we expected, IDF top brass suggested ending the operation and negotiating a truce with Hamas. The troops were massed at the border with Gaza only to threaten Hamas.

Now the situation is ideal for Olmert’s government, as it has scored a major PR victory in Gaza. The government certainly explores ways to move no further.

The anti-Semite par excellence Zbigniew Brzezinski gave a hilarious interview to MSNBC. He claimed that Hamas attacks on Sderot were not lethal, just annoying, and therefore the Israeli military response was unwarranted. Because the Kassam fire went on for so many years, Brzezinski considers it unimportant.

Brzezinski is also concerned about the IDF operation affecting the emotions of the poor Palestinians and their attitude to Israel (which must have been so benevolent a week ago). He laments that the moderate Fatah looks collaborationist. So collaboration with Israel on restoring peace is shameful. Thousands of Fatah members who languish in Israeli jails can testify to the terrorist group’s moderation.

Brzezinski calls for forcing a settlement on the Israelis and Palestinians regardless of their will. He blames the current conflict on Bush.

Some of Brzezinski’s responses are plain lunatic. He argues that Arafat didn’t stonewall the best deal Barak the traitor offered him. In fact, Obama’s adviser claims that Barak’s proposal, which included Jerusalem, was somehow controversial for Arafat.

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