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One civilian has been killed, and eleven have been wounded in a Palestinian rocket attack on the Israeli industrial city. Conforming our estimates, Hamas and PIJ resorted to the deadlier, longer-range Grad-type missiles, as they cannot use Kassam rockets because IDF pushed them away from the border.

Funny enough, the civilian killed by the Gazan rocket is an Arab worker. The initial Hamas report claimed the casualties were Jewish.

A Palestinian laborer in Modiin Illit who faithfully worked for Jews for years stabbed two of them with a sharpened screwdriver. He has been shot, but he is alive.
Another similar incident took place, also with two Jewish victims.
The attacks illustrate that haredim Jews, such as those of Modiin Illit, can check out of the Zionist state but never leave it.

Loyal Israeli Arabs hurled firebombs at their Jewish neighbors on Highway 6.

suicide bombingThe terrorist group warned foreign Muslims to leave Israel immediately. Presumably, this includes the West Bankers, many of whom hold Jordanian citizenship and work in Small Israel.

There is no doubt as to the ability of Hamas and PIJ to stage massive terrorist attacks in Israel. The near-absence of suicide bombers for two or three years is largely a product of an implicit agreement between Shabak and the terrorist groups to abstain from escalation. As Israel refused her part of the agreement, it is certain that Hamas will abandon its part.

Considering the porous West Bank border, bringing suicide bombers into Israel is a slam-dunk affair for Hamas. It is rather probable that the terrorists have developed primitive weapons of mass destruction with Iranian and Syrian help. Both of those countries have expertise in chemical weapons, thanks to Russia and North Korea. The pattern of Iraqi truck bombings, where gas cylinders reinforce the charge, may find its way into Israel. Many Arabs routinely drive trucks transporting gas cylinders.

Hamas’ warning is unrelated to its ability to launch Grad rockets because relatively few foreign Muslims stay in southern Israeli cities within the Grad range. Most likely, Hamas means to attack in Jerusalem, a traditional stage for suicide bombings where Arabs are plentiful.

The Israeli government’s attitude to Hamas’ threats is ambivalent. On one hand, suicide bombings drive voters away from the current government. On other hand, suicide attacks in Jerusalem reinforce the government’s position on abandoning its Arab neighborhoods, and also drives voters away from Netanyahu, whose security credentials are suspect. Limited attacks would benefit the government in terms of elections, but rampaging terrorism will discredit Livni.

Terrorist attacks on foreign—especially Israeli—tourists in Egypt are probable, as Arabs correctly accuse that country of collaboration with Israel.

As IAF pounds Gaza with precision strikes, the UN personnel could only be caught near the terrorist-related targets.

The death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza had risen to 310. True to its election fireworks strategy, IAF bombs empty buildings, often at night or early in the morning to avoid enemy deaths.

So outspoken during his campaign, Obama had the good sense to keep quiet on the Israeli operation in Gaza. Instead, Obama allowed Bush to voice the American position.

The current lull in Obama’s rhetoric may cost Israel dearly. Viewed by Arabs as an Israeli collaborator, Obama would have to prove his even-handedness with anti-Israeli peacenik policies.

Hundreds of students of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem universities, along with their professors, protested the IDF operation in Gaza. Jewish leftists joined Israeli Arabs to condemn the operation. The Arabs waived PLO flags and chanted anti-Israeli slogans, condemning Jewish occupation of Israel. Jews pay to educate the next generation of PLO leaders in Israeli universities.

Leftist professors threatened the students who, as IDF soldiers, were dressed in their military uniforms. Haifa University’s president supported the demonstration as a freedom of speech matter. No doubt, the leftists would be much less permissive toward right-wing demonstrators.

Smaller numbers of normal Jewish students demonstrated in support of the IDF operation and clashed with the Arabs. In Haifa University, Jewish students chanted refreshingly, “May your village burn!” and “Ishmael is next!” which obviously referred to Israeli Ishmaelites, but was charitably interpreted by the Israeli media as referring to Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh.

A Katyusha rocket from Gaza hit just outside Lev Ashdod shopping mall. Several Jews are wounded. The world, which sheds fake tears over the Palestinian babies smeared in others’ blood and paraded before cameras, is less interested in routine Jewish casualties, as YouTube stats indicate. The UN chief condemned Israel for fifty-seven dead Palestinian civilians, but doesn’t mind the Hamas fire, which targets only civilians in Israel.

An Arab villager stabbed a Jewish settler at an outpost.
IDF routinely takes away settlers’ weapons on any pretext, and many outposts remain unarmed despite the history of Arab attacks.
The Arabs are rarely prosecuted because IDF only concerns itself with “grave security offenses”—in practice, only murders. When Arab attackers are jailed, they technically lack “blood on their hands,” as their Jewish victims survived, and they are soon released to heroic receptions.

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