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When Jews in tsarist Russia organized into self-defense teams, police took away their arms before the pogroms.
Every country of significance has condemned Israel’s attack on Gaza. Sarkozy, a friend of Jews, called the Israeli response disproportional. He’s wrong: IAF fired far fewer rockets into Gaza than the Palestinians launched at Israel during the previous months; Jews are just more precise in terms of targeting.
The UN’s chief suddenly became “deeply alarmed” at the situation in Gaza. The thousands of rockets that showered Israeli Negev caused no similar alarm.
According the anti-Semite Tony Blair, “the loss of life in Gaza requires immediate calm.” The loss of life—and a lot of limbs—in Sderot didn’t require such calm, of course.
Our biggest friend Bush also called on the IDF to cease and desist, but thankfully mentioned that Hamas is to blame. Why don’t we call on the US Army to cease its operations in Iraq? Closer still, we can demand that the US Administration cease to protect its southern border and remove all rangers immediately. No? Then don’t bug us.
Russia and the EU… Ah, you know what they have said.
Egypt summoned Israel’s ambassador to condemn the attack on Gaza. Isn’t it bizarre that Egypt, which started four wars with us and, by the way, has killed scores of Gazan Arabs with indiscriminate shelling, has suddenly embraced pacifism?
In friendly Jordan, a massive rally in Amman voiced support for Hamas, a terrorist group at war with Israel.
All over Israel, our loyal Arab citizens rioted in support of Gaza.

Two girls in Gaza, ages five and twelve, died in savage rocket attack… No, not by evil Zionists. A Kassam rocket fired on Israel landed short of the border.

Shimon Peres announced that Israel will not invade Gaza, but the army has called up many reservists.

Palestinian rockets hit as far as Ashkelon. At least ten Jews are wounded, and one dead. Close to a thousand Palestinians are wounded; two hundred are dead.

In a cheap show of fake statesmanship, the two political losers are suspending the campaign they have lost anyway. For Livni and Barak, the Gaza operation is the best election advertising imaginable. Far from ceasing their election campaign, they conduct it at the expense of Jewish lives and the state’s money.

In an interview with Newsru, Livni confirmed her allegiance to the disengagement from Gaza, even though it led to rocket barrages.
Livni said she believes that Hezbollh adheres to Resolution 1701 on ceasefire in Lebanon, though the terrorist group violates it daily by reinforcing its arsenals.
Livni supported the Israeli ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.
She avoided a request to state the points of difference between Kadima and Avodah.

December 2008
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