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Two Israeli Bedouin children played with their father’s firearm. One of them shot the other right in the head.

MK Aryeh Eldad very reasonably called upon the leftist Attorney General Mazuz to indict Ehud Barak for abetting the enemy at war, after Barak opened the Gaza crossings for food supplies despite the barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza.
Laborites countered with the calls to charge Eldad with incitement. In fact, any normal Jew should go out into the streets and incite against Barak.

The entire government should be indicted for supplying Gaza—officially, “the hostile territory”—with water, fuel, and power.

Jewish leftists joined Arab right-wingers in protesting the military operation in Gaza in response to rocket attacks. After demonstrations like this, who can believe in Israeli Arabs loyalty to the Jewish state? None of the Israeli Arabs have ever demonstrated against Palestinian or Lebanese rocket attacks on Israel.

On other hand, the leftists are ironically right on this issue. An IDF operation in Gaza would sacrifice Jewish lives in order to clear the path for Fatah thugs. The US-trained Fatah battalions would lose in urban combat with entrenched and popular Hamas guerrillas. Hamas cannot be quickly eradicated and has to be engaged politically.

out of her league: anti-Livni postersAfter Kadima had ran anti-Netanyahu ads for some time, Likud responded with silly “Out of her league” anti-Livni billboards. Whether the tasteless ads would dissuade anyone from voting for Livni is highly questionable: Likud’s image-makers presume that the image of a tired Tzipi somehow works against her.

Polls indicate that Likud is sliding behind Kadima in February’s elections. Israeli polls are often rigged, used as a tool for convincing undecided voters to join the majority. Leftist media naturally prefer anti-Likud poll results.

But the trend seems to be real. Tzipi committed a few well-thought slips of the tongue, which brought her gains with right-of-center voters. She promised to topple Hamas in Gaza and suggested that Arabs must be moved out of Israel to a Palestinian state. Those slips don’t obligate her to anything but attract credulous voters.

At the same time, right-wingers are disaffected with Netanyahu. Not only the Wye River and Hebron capitulation are on the agenda; many blame him for economic liberalization. The squabble with Moshe Feiglin cost Netanyahu quite a few votes. Most of all, the voters have realized that his political attitudes are no different from Livni’s: the same peace process, more or less gradual.

Fragmentation has taken its toll upon the right-wing camp. While the left consolidates, right-wing parties run alone, and lose many votes in between them. The National Union has split again, decent right-wingers like Feiglin, Uri Ariel, Eldad, and Marzel cannot find a good place on the list for themselves even though each of them can bring plenty of votes.

After every electoral defeat, right-wingers promise to consolidate, but again that didn’t happen.
On other hand, Likud in the opposition is better than in the government. Victorious Likud would have conducted a policy as defeatist as Avodah’s, but in opposition it will criticize the peace process sharply.

S-125 NevaThe S-125’s forty-year-old design worked well against Israeli jets in Egypt during the 1971-’73 clashes, but by now it is easily jammed and circumvented. The newer S-125 Pechora-2M, however, is a decent two-stage missile useful against less-than-highly maneuverable aircraft.
Though S-125 is relatively cheap, it is odd for Syria. The system could be useful against Egypt or Lebanon, but Syria’s only real-world enemy is Israel. Even at saturation quantities, S-125 cannot protect against IAF attacks.
One possibility is that Russia is playing a game of escalation. S-125 are meant to signal the West that, unless accommodation with Russia is reached, more advanced arms will be delivered. Another possibility is that Syria will make do with whatever weapons are available to it. No less likely, the S-125 might be meant for Hezbollah.

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