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Grad rocketRockets reached Ashkelon and Netivot. A family with small children ran out of the room seconds before it was destroyed by Arab rockets. Dozens of civilians and children were sent into shock.

No condemnations of Muslim attacks on Israeli civilians came from the UN, the EU, or any human rights organizations. Not even from Bush.

Israel’s response is, as always, ridiculous. Politicians competed with each other promising harsh responses. Hamas’ spokesman laughed out loud at this Jewish response a day before: Jews, he rightly asserted, behave like teens who promise to fight back but never do so.

Barak pompously authorized IDF to carry out operations in Gaza. Such authorization is long standing: IDF regularly conducts operations in Gaza in response to rocket attacks. Barak’s “authorization” is empty.

IAF promisedólook at the weasel wordsó”massive retaliation against Hamas and PIJ targets.” Such targetsócars, operatives, and housesóare like needles in hay. IAF cannot “massively bomb” Gaza City to blast a Hamas office building. In reality, IAF would stick to its long-term hyper-expensive tactics of pinpoint strikes against worthless targets.

After the security cabinet meeting, the government said in a statement, “We will answer attacks with measures to protect our people.” Not attacks with attacks, or reprisals, or anything; the government will help the Jews to better hide their heads in the sand.

Obscenely, the Jews who capitulate before a bunch of Palestinian Edomites currently celebrate the Maccabean holiday of Hanukkah.

Syrian dictator Assad suggested that Israel establish ties with Lebanon and Palestine in order to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas, respectively. According to Assad, Syria cannot do anything about those groups. He is correct: even if Syria stopped financing or supplying them, Hamas and Hezbollah would continue their activities.

Assad again hinted at his readiness to switch from Iran to the United States as a sponsor.

Tanzim terrorists kidnapped from Beer Sheva the wife of one Mohammed Saad, an Israeli Arab who collaborated with the Zionist regime. She was released after enduring three days of torture.

Israeli politicians, including that sham of a president called Shimon Peres, demand the release of Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti from an Israeli jail to replace Abbas.

UN peacekeepers and Lebanese soldiers stumbled into seven Katyusha-type rockets with timers at the border with Israel. The rockets were to be fired at Israel at night.

Operating the rockets with timers is unusual. Apparently, the rockets were meant as a warning, and the peacekeepers were warned to intercept them.

The Lebanese have many reasons to fire at Israel. Palestinian splinter terrorist groups seek to account for donors’ money, but at the same time avoid Israeli retaliation. Syria and Hezbollah don’t want to keep the border completely quiet; if the border is quiet, they are irrelevant. Syria has an additional reason: to jeopardize the Egyptian efforts at a ceasefire in Gaza by increasing the destabilization of the north.

Palestinian freedom fighters shipped to Israel a number of rockets, including one Grad-type rocket delivered to Ashkelon. Incidentally, all the rockets came damaged and didn’t quite reach their Jewish customers.

Reciprocating the Gazans’ generosity, Defense Ministry opened Gaza crossings so that our Muslim brothers can receive still more aid from their friends in the UN.

Seriously, Israel is not without blame here, as we closed Gaza after Hamas’ takeover instead of treating the putsch as a Palestinian internal affair. A year of the blockade has shown that it won’t break popular support for Hamas, and there’s no logic whatsoever in continuing the highly controversial blockade of Gaza.

The blockade is useless as any half-measures. If Gazans attack Israel, we must carpet-bomb Gaza. If they don’t, we don’t care what particular thugs currently rule them. The blockade doesn’t work.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and others condemned the thirty-year sentence handed to Ahmed Saadat by the Israeli military court.

Indeed, how can Israeli courts sentence Palestinian terrorists? Courts must be impartial, but how can IDF courts be impartial to terrorists whom the IDF fights? In its leftist delusion, Israel treats terrorists as criminals rather than enemies who must be interned until the end of the war. The Israeli left resist such a commonsense judicial treatment because they don’t want the IDF to operate against Palestinians by wartime standards. Instead, Jewish soldiers conduct police operations and endanger their lives needlessly instead of bombing the enemy.

Four Palestinian kids raped a sixty-year-old UNIFIL worker in her home in East Jerusalem.

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