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The hyper-politically-correct Central Election Commission ordered (!) mass media and pollsters to stop using the term “Arab parties” in polls and list them by name instead.

The Russians are pushing Israel to sell them as few as five drone aircraft for $10-20 million, obviously to copy them. Israel produces drones in cooperation with American companies.

IDF killed three Gazans for planting a bomb near kibbutz Nativ ha-Asara, at the border with Gaza. Other Palestinians fired plenty of rockets into Israel. This is a day of Hamas-announced ceasefire.

Three years ago, when Sharon was selling Israelis the disengagement, he announced repeatedly that if a single rocket hit Israel after that, the whole world would support whatever actions we take against Gaza. Today, UNRWA again condemned the blockade.

The State Water Shortage Commission discussed a report by Gihon, a Jerusalem water supply company. The supplier confirms the well-known facts: it is forced to provide free water to 50,000 Arabs who spend uncontrollably and don’t pay a dime. Other suppliers provide water to other Arabs. No Israeli Arab town, village, or district pays adequately for its water consumption at a time when the government has banned Jews from watering their gardens and new farms due to the water shortage.

The report also reveals that Jerusalem Arabs dump untreated waste into Kudron River and have poisoned it beyond restoration. Underground water sources are also polluted by Arab waste.

IDF arrested Cpl. Nahum Ben-Ya’acov for shooting at a Palestinian house on November 29. It would be odd for a soldier from elite Givati Brigade to shoot aimlessly, but that’s what B’Tselem video shows. What the video does not show is rioting Palestinians. Several soldiers, including Ben Yaacov, were shooting in the air to disperse the mob, but the Palestinian cameraman ignored them to create an impression of unprovoked assault by evil Jews.

B’Tselem, an organization of Jewish traitors, gave Palestinians cameras and pays them to provide incriminating evidence against Jews. Zeev Braude was also charged on B’Tselem evidence.

December 2008
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