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In a few days, Abbas’ legal term as Palestinian president will expire. The thug cannot survive new elections. Israel, accordingly, is left with several choices: support the rigged, West-Bank-only elections to bring Fayad to power, release Marwan Barghouti from jail to run for president, or rely on some other strongman. The Jews opted for another approach: to block Abbas’ resignation.

Accordingly, an Israeli military court sentenced the Palestinian parliament’s speaker Abdel Aziz Dweik to a minor jail term. If Abbas steps down now, there’s no one to legally replace him, and so the Fatah thug will stay in power for some time. Hamas has vowed to ignore Abbas’ jurisdiction after his term expires.

The United Arab Emirates concluded a $3.3 billion purchase of Patriot anti-missile defense batteries, apparently to protect the UAE against its long-time nemesis Iran. The UAE’s move is senseless because Iran is almost pacifist in regard to the Emirates: it took Iran decades to occupy the disputed Tunbs islands. Not impossibly, the UAE might use Patriots to close its airspace in case of an Israeli-Iranian confrontation.

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After dismantling his Social Justice party, which failed miserably in Jerusalem elections, Gaydamak left Israel on a $2.5 million bail, and is now selling his houses and investments in the country.
After Gaydamak tried to win Jerusalem’s elections on Arab votes, it’s nice to see him gone.

Israeli law offers payments for accident victims and their families. The law was meant to be used for terrorist attacks, but then it was expanded to all accidents. Legislators didn’t imagine a situation when foreign touristsówhose very presence in Israel is strictly forbidden under Jewish religious lawówould flock to Israel, suffer in accidents, and benefit from compensation.

Scores of Israelis are killed and wounded in Russia in various accidents, even anti-Semitic attacks. The Russian government never considered compensating any of them. But Jewish fraiers would pay everyone.

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