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It’s not news that the Israeli government hates Jews: i.e., it prefers to evict 120,000 Jewish villagers rather than 80,000 Arabs from the same West Bank area as part of the peace agreement with the Palestinians. Arabs receive shorter sentences than Jews, are released more often, build illegally, pay no taxes, and unlike Jews, are not restricted from buying real estate in sensitive areas.

The government has taken its persecution of Jews one step further. Thousands of gentile anti-Semites from US, UN, and EU institutions visit Israel regularly with no hurdles. The government, however, banned the infamous Jewish anti-Semite Richard Falk, now UNHRC rep, from visiting Israel.

Defense Ministry negotiator Amos Gilad, head of Diplomatic-Security Bureau, told the media that the truce with Hamas has no expiration date and will hold as long as the border is quiet. But the truce was concluded until December 19.
In plain English, Amos means that no new agreement or end date is arranged with Hamas. There is no formal truce, but an ad hoc ceasefire only, which either side can violate at will.

Police arrested one Jamie Cowen, a former president of the US Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, when he tried to enter the Jewish state. Cowen, who was interrogated for eight hours, is suspected of criminal missionary activity. Unfortunately, the Jewish state only criminalized proselytizing among minors and in return for economic incentives. Jewish law, rather than its Israeli surrogate, commands execution of apostates and missionaries to Jews.

Israel is not the only country to ban Christian missionaries. American allies such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, and just about every other Muslim country ban proselytizing. Some, like Saudi Arabia, ban Christian worship on their land altogether. Various aborigines made missionaries into the objects of their culinary passion.

It’s not a big problem for a Jew to believe that Jesus was a messiah: Rabbi Akiva held a similar belief regarding Bar Kochba. The problem starts when messianics call on Jews to cease observing the commandments. In that sense, the Israeli government is way worse.

December 2008
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