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The American civil rights organization established a joint hotline with the Council on American-Islamic Relations to help Muslims questioned by US Border control personnel and similar authorities.
CAIR has repeatedly been investigated for terrorist connections.

The prosecution appealed a Jerusalem court’s decision to release Zeev Braude from jail to house arrest. The government acts in a purely punitive fashion. Zeev is a family man who has nowhere to flee; he’s too poor to buy a plane ticket. The police took away his weapon, and he presents no danger either to Jews or to Arabs. There is no conceivable legal reason to keep Braude in jail until trial, especially since he has not even been indicted on the ridiculous charges. According to the police version, Zeev ran into a Palestinian neighborhood, ordered all Arabs to stay in their houses, shot two of them who refused, and the Arabs lynched him in self-defense. In any country with a modicum of the rule of law, the police would be laughed out of court with such absurd charges.

Justice is altogether different when leftists, rather than the conservatives, clash with police. In a routine incident, Jewish leftists clashed with Israeli police at the construction site for the separation barrier near Nilin village. As usual, no leftists were arrested despite the fact that the clashes were much more violent than the Beit HaShalom evacuation and the leftists infringed on Israeli security.

Palestinians stoned Israeli cars near Bethlehem. Several cars were damaged In the severe incident. Stoning of vehicles goes on almost daily and is largely unreported, though the Palestinians always try to kill Jewish drivers rather than just vandalize their cars.

As was very much expected, Netanyahu resorted to legal chicanery to move Moshe Feiglin and his pals from the realistic slots on Likud’s list they took in the primaries down to un-winnable positions.

Feiglin let his colleagues appeal the Likud committee’s decision while staying away from the legal mess.

For some reason, Feiglin remains bent on taking over Likud, instead of joining a proper right-wing party or creating one of his own. Even if he makes it into the Knesset in Likud, Moshe would still be constrained by party discipline in major votes. Likud will lose many of its voters if Feiglin saturates the party list with his candidates.

Thanks to Israeli Defense Minister Barak who allowed the transfer of 100 million shekels to Gaza, Hamas officials will receive their back salaries.

The leftist establishment is keeping pressure on Olmert with fake investigations, as it did with Sharon, Katsav, and many others. Despite promises to bring charges, none have been filed against Olmert. After the fourth interrogation, police claimed their case against Olmert was solid, but here’s the eleventh deposition.

This time, Olmert was questioned in regard to political appointments in the Ministry of Trade. If that’s a crime, then every Israeli prime minister, all ministers, and most MKs belong in jail.

Yeshiva University’s director has been arrested by the FBI for $50 billion fraud. Bernard Madoff, director of Yeshiva University’s business school, defrauded institutional investors in a Ponzi scheme.

December 2008
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