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Wow… Speaking to high school students in Tel Aviv, Tzipi Livni said that the future of Israeli Arabs lies in their own state, to which they must relocate when it is created. This sounds like the young Tzipi of twenty years ago.

In practice, the line is not official. Livni spoke her thoughts to the extremely anti-Arab schoolchildren of good left-wing Jewish families. Despite her thoughts, she toes the peace-process line.

Livni’s remarks could be a calculated attempt to steer right-wing voters to Kadima. Netanyahu has said nothing that pleasant, and even tries to oust Feiglin as “too radical.” With the left-wing audience slipping from Kadima to Meretz and Avodah, Tzipi has a good reason to look at Likud’s voters.

Livni also hinted correctly that the government cannot protect every soldier, that sometimes the price is too high, and Shalit would rather remain with Hamas.

The Goldberg Commission recommends legalizing major illegal villages and expelling other Bedouins.

Once they settle in Israeli Arab towns, Bedouins lose their identity. Normally anti-settled-Palestinian, and therefore pro-Israeli, Bedouins who settle in towns eventually begin to identify with Palestinians.

Mubarak accuses Persians of trying to “devour” the Arab world. In light of the IAF insistence that a strike on Iran can be carried out with American approval, it seems that an alternative flying route lies through Egypt.

Police recommended indictments against a bunch of the Labor Party’s Arab activists who massively forged signatures in the Avodah primaries that brought Ehud Barak to power.

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