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At least 12,000 African economic migrants have entered Israel illegally. Thousands of them live in Tel Aviv. Ignoring the fact that they—all of them—are criminals who violated Israeli immigration law, Tel Aviv municipality provides African children with free school attendance. Free for the Africans, that is, not for Jewish taxpayers.

Nice leftists from Tel Aviv’s decent neighborhoods don’t accept the Africans in their schools. Indeed, what parents would want criminals, often violent strangers who don’t even speak Hebrew? So the municipality dumped the Africans into the city’s poorest Hatikva neighborhood, whose schools are already swarmed with children of immigrant workers. They also breed well, and their children, in practice, receive permanent residence in Israel. The poor Jews of Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood see the already low quality of  their schools deteriorating. The municipality’s political correctness leave Jewish children poorly educated and denies them social mobility.

The government has a long history of disregard for poor Jews. In the early Zionist times, the government stole Yemeni children for childless Ashkenazi families. In our time, the government has put up with rocket attacks from Lebanon on Kiryat Shmona but not on the wealthy leftist kibbutzim nearby. Sderot was abandoned under rocket attacks for three years only because its population is poor. Just today, Livni committed a slip of the tongue, “If Hamas knows that Israel won’t be quiet when rockets fall on Ashkelon…” Rockets falling on the poor Sderot are okay with the establishment.

In Likud’s primaries, Feiglin landed on the twentieth spot in the list. Despite years of campaigning inside Likud, Moshe’s support base there remains very small.

It seems unlikely that the court would block Moshe Feiglin from the elections on the basis of his conviction during the anti-Oslo events a decade ago.

Netanyahu will attempt to change the primaries’ rules retroactively to push Feiglin into an untenable position. Presumably, Feiglin drives some voters, who see him as too radical, away from Likud. It is only in perverted Israeli politics that Feiglin, a non-violent centrist, can be seen as ultra-right.

Other good guys will become Likud MKs, as well. One is Danny Danon, a reasonable man who rejects the Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria. Less likely to join the Knesset is Likud’s 36th Boaz Haetzni, who runs the attempts to repopulate Homesh with Jews.

The OECD’s science and math tests placed the Jewish state in twenty-fourth place on a list of forty-nine developing countries. Though Arab pupils pull Israeli scores down, Jewish students are expected to hold an equally shameful sixteenth place.

In the national math exams, eight-graders scored 44 on the average; fifth-graders scored 59 out of 100.

All results show a marked decline from previous years. A scornful attitude toward eduction and complete lack of discipline in schools take root in the socialist system of values.

The mayor of a Jewish neighborhood called Alphei Menashe has promised to block Baruch Marzel’s December 15th march into Umm al Fahm. Jews, finally free and secure in their own land, are afraid that Israeli Arab citizens from Umm al Fahm would retaliate against them for Marzel’s tribe passing through the Arab town with Israeli flags.

Umm al Fahm’s mayor and a number of Arab MKs decry the march. Israeli police have tried to stop it despite the Supreme Court’s order. This is not like a Hebron house eviction, where police eagerly acted on the court’s orders; this time, police will subvert the court’s order.

Marzel’s followers are only allowed to walk in Umm al Fahm with Israeli flags, no banners whatsoever. In the mad Jewish state, Jews need the Supreme Court’s permission to walk with Israeli flags in a town populated by Arabs.

Defense Minister Barak allowed close to $30 million in cash into Gaza. Since October, Israeli banks have refused to ship shekels into Gaza, a measure which led to the currency crisis there. The cash blockade caused inconvenience to Gazans but wasn’t critical, as they switched to Jordanian dinars and Egyptian pounds.

Barak the hypocrite didn’t supply cash to Gaza from Israel, but allowed the cash to be delivered from the West Bank Arab banks—which are freely resupplied by Israel. So it looks like Israel continues the cash blockade.

Olmert ordered a media blackout on the Security Cabinet discussion on renewing the ceasefire with Hamas, which ends in a week.

The government cannot abandon the ceasefire during the election campaign, despite wholesale violations by Gaza militants—and now even by Hamas. But there remains a small chance that Livni would opt for an Osiraq-type stunt by invading Gaza shortly before the election to boost Kadima’s popularity.

A Jerusalem court released Braude to house arrest despite considerable pressure to keep him in jail. Defiantly, the court lashed out against police for failing to act against the Palestinians who attacked Braude. The court also criticized the prosecution for indicting Braude for what was clearly self-defense. According to the indictment, Zeev Braude maliciously walked into an Arab area where he was likely to be attacked, and then shot his attackers. Never mind the thirty-six stitches on his head.

Regardless of the verdict, the leftists have achieved their end: the worldwide media reported about the mad Hebron Jewish settler who shot two innocent Arab men in cold blood. His acquittal won’t be noticed.

Polls give Likud 31-36 seats and Lieberman 11-13 seats. Shas and UTJ also come out pretty strong. As the votes are rounded down to the number of seats, each party will lose tens of thousands of votes. United, they could gain the coveted sixty-one seats. More voters would rather choose a strong, across-the-border conservative coalition than individual parties.

But right-wingers are afraid to unite and take power. A firm majority puts them into the uncomfortable position of having to make good on their rhetoric. A Likud-Lieberman-Shas majority would have no excuse for avoiding the transfer of Arabs and similarly politically incorrect measures.

Israeli newspapers are hysterical over Feiglin’s ticket to the Knesset on the Likud list. Besides journalists’ traditional leftism, the well-funded Kadima pays handsomely for a media witchhunt against Likud.

Iranian students often act as an indicator of the ayatollahs’ mood. The students violently attacked an Egyptian mission in Tehran. Egypt retaliated by recalling the head of the mission. This is the latest round of diplomatic confrontation between Iran and Egypt. Egypt is concerned with Iran’s rising influence, including Shia proselytizing efforts in Egypt and Africa. In a sign of displeasure with Iran, Egypt has repeatedly acted against the Iranian-sponsored Hamas.

No doubt, once Iran gets a nuclear bomb, Egypt will have to develop nuclear weapons, too. Egypt has recently unfrozen its academic nuclear research and discusses “peaceful” nuclear power projects with Russia. Israel won’t bomb Egypt’s nuclear facilities because stupid Jews respect the peace treaty.

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