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Zeev was detained after a preliminary interrogation. Police now attempt to charge him with criminal assault for shooting two Arabs during the Hebron riots. The court so far remains skeptical and leans toward self-defense scenario. The court is under pressure to arrange an exemplary prosecution of Braude to warn other settlers against using their weapons, even in self-defense.

The murderous rodef government created the atmosphere in which Jewish settlers are afraid to use their personal firearms even in clear and present danger from Arabs because almost every case of wounding an Arab is prosecuted. Instead of the self-evident presumption of Arab guilt—those people have fought us for decades—Israeli courts presume them innocent like doves. Naturally, most Jews are unable to prove they were attacked because the only witnesses around are lying Arabs.

Zeev Braude got thirty-six stitches on his head. His jawbone is dislocated from biting an Arab’s hand. When Arabs beat Braude’s head against a stone, the hand he held in his mouth amortized the kicks and Zeev survived. He can only consume liquid food in jail.

To Israeli police, this is not sufficient proof of self-defense.

Even before Obama attempts his stupid carrot-and-stick negotiations with the nuclear mullahs, the mullahs laugh. Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced that Obama’s policy is nothing new, has been tried by Bush, and failed.
Welcome, Obama, to the real world, which is so different from your dummy debates at Harvard.

The Israeli government approved a plan to reinforce 8,500 rooms at Gaza’s periphery—something that should have been done three years ago. The curious part is the project’s expected completion date—2011. Despite all the tough talk of invading Gaza and the peace process scam, the well-informed security establishment expects the rocket attacks from Gaza to continue for years to come.

IDF’s Home Front Command started training Ashdod residents to deal with the rocket attacks as the major Israeli city came into the reliable range of Katyusha rocket fire from Gaza. The training doesn’t teach Jews to build rockets and shoot them back. Rather, proud Israelis who abandoned the Exile to dwell secure in our own country are taught to duck properly and hide swiftly upon hearing the siren.

Most pensions are insured to $200,000. Sounds good? Actually, it’s terrible.

Under Netanyahu, pension funds were privatized and allowed to be invested in the stock market. In the boom years, everyone was happy: with occasional setbacks, the stock market bubble inflated pension accounts. Never mind that the increase was purely speculative and unsustainable. Still, pension funds sport decent growth: the current correction is still far from wiping out earlier profits.

Israeli trade unions want to have it both ways: socialist guarantees and market income. During the election campaign, politicians also need to bribe their voters. Here comes the insurance—not really of the core pension amounts, but of speculative stock market profits. The government might as well insure the losses of stock market speculators and casino gamblers. Tax money covers the speculative losses of imprudent pension funds. The bailout encourages them to continue their reckless investment policies. Assured of the bailout, Israelis will flock to the most risky and potentially profitable pension funds, thus further distorting our economy.

The tax Administration went on strike over a labor dispute. So if the government doesn’t raise their salaries, we need not pay taxes anymore?

Israel holds off the release of 230 security prisoners so that Fatah can prepare proper celebrations on their behalf.

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