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In the aftermath of the Hebron Peace House eviction, the media ran the story of a mad Jewish settler who shot into the Arab crowd and wounded two of them. The reality is different.

In Kiryat Arba, Zeev Braudo heard about Arab pogroms in Hebron. Instigated by Jewish leftists, the Arab crowd was attacking Jews around the city. Zeev ran to find his son and bring him home. Naturally, Zeev took the shortest route through Arab orchards and alleys.

In one of the houses, leftist scum from B’Tselem equipped Arabs with video cameras. The Arabs spotted a chance to receive a bonus for suitable video and attacked Braudo. Zeev tried explaining to the hostile mob that he was running to find his son, but the Arabs proceeded to kick him. Zeev shot two bullets into the air, then shot into the crowd, wounding two Arabs. He then ran out of bullets. The two bullets he wasted in the air could have saved his life but he had to spend them to satisfy the legal requirements.

Fortunately, another Jew with an M-16 heard the shots and ran to save Braudo. The machine gun shots dispersed the attackers.

Braudo was treated for multiple wounds to his head. With  dozens of stitches, he’s currently being interrogated. Given the police mood, Zeev will probably be charged with criminal assault on peaceful Arabs, especially since he technically violated the Judenrein rule: Israeli Jews are barred from the Palestinian-occupied zones in Hebron.

Not a single Arab of those who tried to murder Braudo was arrested.

The Prisoner Release Committee predictably confirmed the government’s decision to set 230 Palestinian thugs free as a goodwill gesture to Abu Mazen. The released thugs will also engage in goodwill gestures to Abu Mazen by returning to their trade—attacking Jews. And how come no one thinks of a goodwill gesture toward Jews, something like executing the arrested terrorists?

Arab MKs and other Arabs attempted to sail from Haifa to Gaza to break Israel’s blockade of the hostile entity. Their actions constitute abetting the enemy in wartime; Barak does essentially the same things. Israel’s fifth column helps Gaza rather than Sderot.

Police prevented the boat from sailing on the flimsy excuse that Israeli citizens would be in danger in Gaza, though obviously the Arab MKs expose themselves to no risk.

The traitors weren’t jailed.

No problem; Israel continues fuel, water, and power supplies to Gaza.

Al Jazeera “journalists” (criminal inciters, actually) won’t be admitted to the PA government’s events; this is to punish them for positively reporting on Hamas.

Israel accredited Al Jazeera for PMO events despite the virulently anti-Semitic coverage.

December 2008
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