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Bank of Israel buys US dollars to increase reserves to $44 billion. The rest of the world is desperate to dump the dollar. It’s counter-intuitive to stockpile the currency of the country most affected in a major economic crisis. The money will sit idly in the reserves precisely when the Israeli economy is desperate for credit resources.

Bank of Israel is under great pressure from exporters, who need a weak shekel even though it harms consumers.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak informed the settlers that the army won’t evict Jews from the Peace House they purchased in Hebron until the next government is formed. His words are not necessarily true, though.

It appears that the settlers’ rough determination to resist the eviction frightened off the leftists. Initially, they thought to frighten the populace into voting for Kadima with the spectacle of an unruly right-wing mob violently resisting the eviction. As the conflict escalated, the PR effect began to look different. The population is likely to blame the leftists for provoking these clashes, which were far worse than the Amona incident.

The struggle around the Peace House is a waste of effort; the establishment allows right-wingers to blow off their steam. When the government relinquishes Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, no amount of peaceful protest will help Israeli settlers.

Close to two thousand Jews flocked to Hebron this night to prevent the expected eviction of the Peace House residents. Incited by leftists and by the army’s inaction, Palestinians attacked the crowd, hurling large rocks from the rooftops. Dozens of Jewish youth were wounded in the attacks, one seriously.

Instead of doing what must be done to Arabs, the army poured tear gas and stun grenades into the Jewish crowd that had tried to defend itself against Palestinians.

Police blocked the city for half a day as they searched for the three Arabs with explosive devices who were expected to commit a major terror attack in Tel Aviv.

NATO held a meeting at the level of foreign ministers. The major issue under discussion was rapprochement with Russia after Georgian crisis, which badly strained relations. The French and German FMs pushed the alliance to mitigate previous differences with Russia. By now, no one cares about the dismembered Georgia.

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