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The government sent the Israeli Navy to intercept a ship carrying 3,000 tons of humanitarian cargo. Too cowardly to state clearly that we will blockade Gaza from any supplies because the Arabs are firing at Sderot, the government alleged ridiculously that the ship might carry weapons to Hamas.

Barack Hussein Obama was elected because he promised new politics. Immediately, he started appointing some very old figures. It’s hard to believe that Obama’s policy would be drastically different since he has appointed Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Is it not obscene that the very woman who denigrated Obama for months during the election campaign and was denigrated in return has now became Obama’s right hand? Those who voted against Hillary and for Obama now see their country’s foreign policy led by Hillary.

Hillary is a fan of negotiations. She already spoke to Assad in the violation of the US diplomatic blockade of Syria, and will now continue small talk with Assad and Ahmadi Nejad while they pursue their nuclear programs. Hillary is commonly thought to be pro-Israel, which means in practice that unlike Condi Rice she will smile politely while pushing us to abandon Jerusalem to Muslims.

Anyway, Clinton’s appointment is perhaps Israel’s best in Obama’s circle of leftist monsters. But it might become a huge problem, as well: Israeli leaders will find it hard to resist her pressure. Unlike her husband, who was pushed around by Rabin and Barak, the lady is semi-tough. Hillary would be especially dangerous if paired with Tzipi, as their thinking is very much alike and they can swiftly bring Israel to any concessions.

Hillary will also be influenced by her husband, who took it upon himself to carry out the legacy of his friend Rabin. The big problem is that the well-wishing Clintons genuinely believe that capitulation to Arabs is good for Israel. This is what various Israeli leaders and negotiators told Bill Clinton on numerous occasions, and he just doesn’t realize the fallacy of this view.

Obama’s national security adviser will be James Jones, a wildly anti-Israeli general who oversaw the training of the Fatah militia.

US ambassador to the UN will be black ultra-leftist Susan Rice, an extremely arrogant and ignorant lady.

Palestinians tried to set an Israeli bus on fire near Bethlehem. The Arab firebombers were unsuccessful.

Noam Federman, an exemplary Jew who resists the treacherous establishment, has surprisingly won a second court battle. A Jerusalem Court rescinded the police order barring Federman from Judea and Samaria. Very reasonably, the court rejected as absurd the police argument that Federman somehow poses a public threat because he “attacked the police.”

The alleged attack took place in the middle of the night, when a huge police force stormed Federman’s farm in what the leading rabbis described as a Nazi pogrom. The “attack” consisted of Federman resisting the police, who were throwing his nine small children out of the house’s windows.

The court’s decision is both rare and brave. Israeli courts usually uphold police orders barring particular Jews from Judea and Samaria.

0.1percent of the Israeli population is diagnosed with AIDS. The most simple and efficient measure to stop AIDS in Israel would be to deport the Ethiopian Christians and illegal African immigrants who carry the bulk of disease.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the procurator of Judea and Samaria petitioned the Supreme Court to overrule the military appellate court’s decision, which applied the Ottoman homestead law to Jews.

According to the law, in force since the 1860s, a ten-year cultivation creates homestead rights to the land, which the farmer can register in his name. Israeli leftists normally use the law to issue land titles to Palestinians while ignoring that Jews have cultivated land plots in the same area for decades.

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