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Israel’s Foreign Ministry is happy about its so-far-successful media performance. International condemnations, the FM sources say, are largely symbolic, and even the UN doesn’t lambaste Israel as much as usual.

But why the symbolic condemnation? If everyone from Saudi Arabia to the United States hates Hamas and recognizes that Israel reasonably defends herself, why any condemnations at all? After Abu Mazen visited Russia a few days before the IDF operation to request Putin’s military assistance against Hamas—and, presumably, his tolerance of an Israeli invasion of Gaza—why did the Russian FM still find it necessary to condemn Israel in a pro forma statement?

Foreign governments, anti-Semitic and pandering to anti-Semites, condemn Israel reflexively.

Rathan Rakkad embarrassed Abdullah the princeling by allowing a pro-Hamas demonstration in Amman. Rakkad staunchly supported Hamas for years as Jordan officially maintained strained relations with the terrorist group.

The low number of Palestinian casualties—just two thousand in four hundred IAF sorties—is clear. Before the attacks, the politically correct IDF warned 90,000 Palestinians over the phone to flee the targeted buildings. In order to save Hamas voters, IDF spared Hamas members who will attack Israeli troops during the invasion.

Ayatollah Khamenej issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims to fight Israel on behalf of Palestinians. The Iranian Foreign Ministry implements the ayatollah’s directive.

This is a declaration of war, and the government must be stupid to miss this legal opportunity to bomb Natanz.

YNET reports on the Security Cabinet deliberations. As we expected, IDF top brass suggested ending the operation and negotiating a truce with Hamas. The troops were massed at the border with Gaza only to threaten Hamas.

Now the situation is ideal for Olmert’s government, as it has scored a major PR victory in Gaza. The government certainly explores ways to move no further.

The anti-Semite par excellence Zbigniew Brzezinski gave a hilarious interview to MSNBC. He claimed that Hamas attacks on Sderot were not lethal, just annoying, and therefore the Israeli military response was unwarranted. Because the Kassam fire went on for so many years, Brzezinski considers it unimportant.

Brzezinski is also concerned about the IDF operation affecting the emotions of the poor Palestinians and their attitude to Israel (which must have been so benevolent a week ago). He laments that the moderate Fatah looks collaborationist. So collaboration with Israel on restoring peace is shameful. Thousands of Fatah members who languish in Israeli jails can testify to the terrorist group’s moderation.

Brzezinski calls for forcing a settlement on the Israelis and Palestinians regardless of their will. He blames the current conflict on Bush.

Some of Brzezinski’s responses are plain lunatic. He argues that Arafat didn’t stonewall the best deal Barak the traitor offered him. In fact, Obama’s adviser claims that Barak’s proposal, which included Jerusalem, was somehow controversial for Arafat.

As we have asserted from day one, it is almost certain by now that the Gaza campaign was an election show, and lacked political objectives.
Israeli tanks are massed at the border with Gaza for four days but don’t cross into hostile territory. IAF continues sporadic raids against non-viable targets. Resurgent Hamas pounds Israel with dozens of rockets as far as Beersheba, hitting Israel’s major highway.

Israel’s leftists joined her Arabs to push for a ceasefire. Peace Now, Meretz, and Avodah joined hands against the invasion.
The Israeli government is split on the army’s suggestion to offer Hamas a ceasefire. Hamas, for its part, has gained the initiative and rejects a ceasefire.

Israel is heading into a PR disaster. A brilliant punishing raid turned into a half-hearted war. An invasion of Gaza would be long, indecisive, and result in significant Jewish casualties. The absence thereof would leave Hamas victorious, as the Zionist aggressor proved afraid to face it in combat.

The Gaza operation recalls Olmert’s vision of the Second Lebanon War. As he testified before the Winograd Commission, the war was expected to last a couple of days only. He and Barak played the same scenario in Gaza: an aerial strike, good for punishing, but useless as a long-term solution.

Dorit BeinishForeign media are the biggest enemy Israel faces in her wars. This time the government took the commonsense measure of banning foreign correspondents from Gaza. Egypt, too, bans them from the Rafah Crossing.

The Israeli High Court reversed the government’s decision and ordered Jews to allow the media into Gaza where they will report on evil Zionists murdering Hamas voters.

The same court routinely abstains from military and foreign policy matters where conservative Jews challenge government policies, such as on Palestinian prisoner release.

The Israeli Air Force bombed Haniye’s office for the second time. Precision bombing leaves many buildings partially intact and defeats the purpose of bombing. Years ago, Israel ran a nice magazine ad for its weapons: “The bombs that do what bombs are supposed to do.” Apparently, not anymore.

IAF also bombed a mosque that reportedly stored Grad and Kassam rockets. Though bombing a mosque isn’t a bad thing in itself for good Jews, there was actually no such storage. A few militants sought cover in the mosque with their rockets.

IAF attacked “rocket launchers,” which in practice means retaliating against clean ground for the rockets launched from that spot minutes ago. Only about ten Palestinian militants were killed in fifty Israeli airstrikes.

Those Palestinians are real gluttons. At fifteen to forty pounds of food per Arab in four days, they are probably the best-faring occupied and attacked population in history.

Pakistan lacks an institution like the  Israeli Supreme Court, and happily so. After India deployed its troops at the Pakistani border, Pakistanis arrested Zarar Shah from Lashkar i-Taibe. In a very short while, Shah confessed to organizing terrorist attacks in India. Refreshingly, the Pakistani Supreme Court remained unconcerned with its security forces torturing a terrorist. In contrast to that, the Israeli Supreme Court bans even psychological torture, such as threatening to arrest family members of Palestinian terrorists.

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