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Russia has agreed to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela. Chavez follows in the steps of his pal Ahmadi Nejad, who also started with a Russian nuclear power station. Peaceful power stations can be used to harvest plutonium, and weapons-grade uranium can be extracted from the spent rods.

Chavez wouldn’t have started a major confrontation with the United States over a power plant: the oil-rich Venezuela doesn’t need nuclear power. No doubt, he aims to make nuclear weapons. Unlike Iran, Venezuela lacks scientists to build the weapons, but it enjoys Iranian expertise.

America tolerates the almost-completed nuclear program of Brazil, and would hardly bomb Venezuela. In a few years, the Americans will understand what it means for Israelis to live near the nuclear-armed enemy.

After leaving the Labor Party, Ami Ayalon vacillates between the communist Meretz Party and the religious-left Meimad party.
Hardcore leftists maintain their grip on Israeli security services.

The Home Front Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense is preparing Ashdod for Katyusha rocket attacks.
Evidently, Israeli relations with the peaceful Palestinians are expected to improve.

Israel’s Judenrat government had no problem surrendering Sderot, a far-off and poor township, but Ashkelon and now Ashdod are major population and industrial centers.

Clashes continue in Gaza: IDF killed 4 PRC guerrillas, and the Arabs fired a few rockets.

Defense Minister Barak rejected the Israeli military operation in Gaza as a “knee-jerk reaction.” Right, he can showcase his endurance, being far from Sderot.

Among duplicitous European politicians, Sarkozy is considered remarkably close to America and Bush.

Time Magazine reveals an account by one of Sarkozy’s advisers: during the president’s visit to Moscow, Putin promised to hang Saakashvili “by his balls”; he added that since the United States hanged Saddam, why cannot Russia do the same with Saakashvili? Sarkozy countered that his friend Putin wouldn’t want to wind up like Bush.

ADL poll finds out that 37 percent of Americans strongly believe that Jews run Hollywood with the intent of undermining domestic religious values, or are undecided on the issue.

Which is true. Jewish liberals are at the forefront of anti-societal activity in America and elsewhere.

The poll reflects the falling influence of Jews in Hollywood as Arabs and international corporations take over the major studios. “Only” 22 percent of Americans strongly believe that Jews run the national mass media. Unlike the ADL, we won’t take that for anti-Semitism but a mere statement of fact. The problem is, we the good Jews don’t like those Hollywood Jews either: to anti-Semites they are Jews, but to us they are Jewish anti-Semites.

On other hand, if the ADL takes those 22 percent of Americans for anti-Semites, then the situation for US Jews is no different from the European one: in Old Europe, a hotbed of anti-Semitism, it traditionally runs at about 25-30 percent even in countries such as Germany, Poland, and France. The European situation historically erupts in major pogroms every few decades.

Refreshingly, the ADL poll shows half the Americans retained some common sense: they support moral censorship of mass media, believe the media is unacceptably tolerant to subversive lifestyles, and doesn’t share the population’s values. Which is true.

The General Assembly of United Jewish Communities of the United States is a much-touted but essentially routine bureaucratic photo-op with no substance whatsoever.

Jewish community centers in America collect annually a whopping $2.5 billion in donations—and squander it. The donations pay for various irrelevant projects and for the sky-high salaries of UJC-JCC chiefs. UJC organizations give money to every liberal cause, including aid to American Blacks and foreign Muslims, but not to Orthodox religious schools and synagogues.
The money rarely goes to secular Jewish day schools, either—and Jewish parents, unable to pay the high tuition of Jewish schools, send their children to public ones. The teaching quality of Jewish schools is often substandard compared to other private schools.
UJC promulgates leftist policies, including Israeli withdrawal from “occupied” territories.
UJC runs a massive “interfaith dialogue,” which promotes assimilation.

The economic crisis is severely affecting UJC, which isn’t bad. That sham of a Jewish organization would better go down.

The Israeli Finance Ministry approved a $50 million aid package to start-up companies. As the procedure for receiving subsidies is daunting, only those with good connections in high places are practically eligible.
The earmarked amount is way too small to keep the companies afloat during the crisis, and will mostly serve as a conduit for kickbacks.

Speaking to UJC GA, Netanyahu reiterated his absurd notion that Palestinian terrorism is related to their poor economy, rather than the simple belief that the land is theirs. In a time when the Israeli economy struggles to survive, the last thing we should care about is the Palestinian economy. Where is the leader who will pledge to bomb the Palestinian economy into the Stone Age?

Astoundingly, Netanyahu clings to literal Keynesianism. He vowed government investment in roads and railroads—something that Keynes prescribed for America in the 1930s; but who needs more roads and railroads in Israel now? A labor-intensive enterprise seventy years ago, road-building has become capital-intensive one today, and by road construction Israel would help Germany, Japan, and South Korea, which all produce expensive road-building equipment.

Most employees stopped have serving passengers over $15-a-month wage dispute, causing massive traffic delays.

Two Russian citizens aboard an Israir flight to Moscow from Eilat got drunk and attempted to rape a flight attendant. The Eilat court released them on $7,000 bail so that they can enjoy their vacation.

Reacting to continued Israeli attacks, Hamas declared the Gaza ceasefire void, and called upon its own armed wing and other militants to resist Jewish aggression.
Egypt and the Saudis might still force Hamas back into ceasefire.
By now, Hamas has stocked enough weapons in Gaza that it can confidently welcome an Israeli incursion. Israel is under pressure to oust Hamas and deliver Gaza to Fatah in order to maintain the peace process.

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