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The talks between the two rival gangs, due in Cairo this week, didn’t materialize. The hostility grows: Hamas suppressed everything Fatah in Gaza, and the US-trained Fatah “police” thugs cautiously attack Hamas targets in the West Bank. Abbas’ term ends in a couple of months, and Hamas is losing its grip on power in Gaza to younger leaders and more militant groups. Iran supports Hamas, the US props up Fatah. If all goes well, Palestinians will launch a brotherly civil war and relieve Israelis of the peace process.

Speaking to a conference of Jewish donors in New York, Livni told them, “You don’t need now to do anything dramatic about it [the peace process].” Despite the example of Gaza, she claimed the Palestinian state would bring peace to Israel.

A Palestinian armed with a knife was caught at Maarat haMachpelah in Hebron. Several such terrorists have been intercepted in recent months.
The whole thing is strange. Security at the Cave is lax, very few Arabs are searched, metal detectors often don’t work, and Jews can be stabbed as they ascend to the Cave before the detectors. Perhaps the Palestinians in question were just carrying the knives around, as many of them do, and went to the Cave without the intent to kill.

Massive rocket attacks have been launched from Gaza on Sderot and Ashkelon. A dozen of Kassams and five Katyusha rockets hit Israel. One Grad-type rocket struck downtown Ashkelon. A Kassam wounded an old woman in Shaar ha-Negev kibbutz. Scores of cars and homes are damaged.
Unusually, Hamas claimed direct responsibility for most of the attacks. The reason is clear: young militants and guerrilla factions draw attention away from Hamas with constant attacks on Israel. Hamas has to uphold its reputation as a fighting organization. For the same reason, Fatah continues to support the West Bank terrorists.
The Gaza fighting follows a familiar spiral: a terror operation originates from Gaza, Israel retaliates, killing a few Palestinians, they retaliate with rocket fire, and merry-goes-round.
Barak, a disgusting liar, promised a “harsh and painful” response. Hundreds of similar promises made before didn’t come to anything. Barak pushed for the truce with Hamas months ago, despite Olmert’s opposition; the truce allowed Palestinian guerrillas to stockpile weapons.
Instead of bombing Gaza in response, the Israeli Army warned the Jews to stay close to bomb shelters.
What would be the American response if Mexicans shelled its cities for three years?

The father of Obama’s chief of staff is a very right-wing Jew, a former member of Irgun. In an interview with Maariv, he wrongly surmised that Rahm would be very pro-Israel because “he is not an Arab.” (Never mind Jimmy Carter also was not an Arab.)
Rahm apologized to American Arabs for his father’s remark.

A thousand anti-Semitic students and human rights activists wrought havoc in Humboldt University over an exhibition depicting Nazi persecution of Jewish businesses.

Three people have been elected to the Carmel city council on the explicit platform of fighting off the influx of Arabs. Once Jews made the city economically attractive, Arabs started swarming Carmel, among other Israeli towns.
There is next to nothing a city council can do to stop the encroachment. The Israeli High Court allows Israeli Arabs even into Jewish settlements. Once Arabs move into houses and neighborhoods, the disgusted and frightened Jews move out.
The only legal solution is to include religiosity in each condominium’s charter. Israeli law excludes religious issues from the definition of illegal racism and incitement. It is therefore legal to allow residence in a condominium only to adherents of Judaism who, theoretically, take it upon themselves to abstain from turning on TV or music on the Sabbath.

The Swiss foreign ministry issued a rude note demanding that Israel end demolitions of illegally built houses in “occupied” East Jerusalem. The Swiss don’t even know that less than one in a thousand illegally built houses is demolished. On other hand, the Israeli government invites such notes with the incessant whining about the impending evacuation of Jerusalem—which, indeed, makes it an occupied territory where demolitions are illegal.
That, however, is none of the Swiss’ business. It was the Swiss who demanded that Nazi Germany stamp Jewish passports with a J, lest German and Austrian Jews enter Switzerland. Until 1944, Switzerland deported Jewish refugees back to Germany. The very existence of Israel is an irritating reminder to the Swiss that their country has only become rich after the Holocaust.

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