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Fatah “policemen” arrested three armed IDF soldiers near Bir-Zeit. Under the Oslo and Netanyahu’s Wye River agreements, Palestinians are entitled to keep the areas of their occupation free of Jews.
Jews lack a comparable right in Israel.

In a rare encounter, soldiers shot and lightly wounded an illegal African migrant near the Sinai border. He is now being treated at Jewish expense in Eilat hospital, and will stay in the country afterwards. Five other migrants, arrested along with him, were transferred to municipal authorities and will also stay here.
More than 10,000 African blacksóMuslims and pagansólive in Israel after having entered the country illegally.

Now that the years of donor bonanza have ended, many ultra-Orthodox religious schools took out loans this month to continue paying stipends to tens of thousands of Jewish males who prefer lifelong study to work.
Jewish law bars every Jew from becoming a burden on the community. All classical authorities have concurred that even a Torah scholar has to work for living. Most haredim have simple jobs because they have no time to study anything except halacha.

About 900 have been registered this year, a 10 percent increase over 2007.

Parents in Ashkelon sent their children to schools late in a symbolic protest of the government’s inaction in the face of continued rocket attacks from Gaza.

The Egyptians have intercepted a ton of explosives in Sinai, destined for Gaza.

Since 2006, Hezbollah’s rocket arsenal has tripled to about 40,000 missiles, which can strike any target in Israel short of Eilat.
Livni still expresses pride over ending the Lebanon war with a ceasefire that brought worthless UNIFIL troops in to oversee Hezbollah’s demilitarization.

This is the first time a post-Shah Iranian official has congratulated an American president. Ahmadinejad has every reason to be happy with the US elections.

A gift from the Jewish National Fund, the indoor playground is Kassam-proof. Happy childhood, so to say.

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