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The EU delegation to Gaza invited the duly elected Hamas members of the Palestinian Legislative Council on a diplomatic trip, despite the EU’s official boycott of Hamas.

Mashaal has accepted the Egyptian treaty for reconciliation with Fatah. Israel also needs Fatah and Hamas to reconcile in order to reestablish a peace partner. Fatah wants reconciliation to allow Abbas to stay in power after his term expires in a few months. Hamas would profit handsomely from the agreement, as it justifies and legalizes its tough policies.

Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba, normally very restrained toward the forces of officialdom, compared the policemen who demolished the Federman outpost at night with the Nazis who threw Rabbi Lior’s family in Poland from their house. Rabbi Lior has recently secured some income sources independent of his state salary, and therefore speaks much more openly.
The eldest son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef visited the outpost and declared that the policemen and soldiers who followed the shameful orders have no part in the future world.

Israel commemorates Rabin’s untimely (too late) death with a Stalinist kind of worship, all the way down to lighting candles, silly lectures in schools, and fake sorrow in the Knesset.
The murderer of Altalena, the coward who left his soldiers on the battlefield in the War of Independence, the hysteric who collapsed during the Six-Day War, the traitor who colluded with Abbas in Oslo in return for the Arab vote in Israeli elections, the prime minister who was forced to leave his office after a corruption scandal, the defense minister who ordered Jewish teenagers to break the hands and legs of Arab teenagers during the Intifada—this is how Rabin should be remembered.
And by the way, his last speech in the Knesset rejected the peace process. That’s why Peres and Beilin had to kill Rabin.

Hezbollah’s foreign liaison remarked that the UN-recognized Israeli-Lebanese border is temporary and doesn’t reflect the realities of the 1920s. After Israel agreed to cede Shebaa Farms to Lebanon, Hezbollah seeks a reason to continue fighting a Zionist state.

November 2008
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