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Foreign correspondents threaten sanctions against Israel for refusing them entrance to Gaza. It is very rarely that Israel introduces the commonsense measure of barring journalists from war zones.
What can the sanctions look like? It would take a Goebbels to make the foreign coverage of Israel any worse than it is now.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat formed the city council without Shas or UTJ, but with the communist Meretz. UTJ has figured out that it cannot squeeze much funding from Barkat, and that head-on opposition is more profitable in the long run.
The salary of a Jerusalem vice-mayor (there are six of them) is $11,000—five times the national average.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat clashed with Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallem over the latter’s denigrating comments about Abbas’ government at the Arab League meeting to discuss the Hamas-Fatah strife. Other Arab countries are pushing Hamas to accept Abbas’ staying in power illegally after his term expires in January.

Hamas demands that Abbas steps down and duly announce presidential elections. Short of Israel releasing the arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti from jail to run for president instead of Abbas, Hamas’s Haniye will win the elections. Which is a great thing for Israel, as Hamas would freeze the peace process capitulation.

Ayman al Zawahiri, the second-in-command of Al Qaeda, issued an eighty-minute video with insensible ramblings on current events. Unlike the numerous fake Osama videos, Zawahiri’s is undoubtedly authentic and relates to current events.
Such a major statement would be expected from Osama rather his lieutenant. Here we have yet another confirmation that Bin Laden is no longer active, and possibly dead.

While Israelis, like ostriches, hide their collective head in the sand and pretend to control the territories, the rest of the world gradually recognizes Palestine as an independent state. Many non-Arab countries have their diplomatic missions in Ramallah, and Lebanon has now taken the further step of allowing a Palestinian embassy in Beirut.

After Shamir’s government allowed Palestinian elections, it was only logical to permit them a legislative council, a government that conducts foreign policy, as well as police, and practically an army.

Palestinians don’t rush to proclaim independence because it would stop much of the aid and refugee assistance, and subject them to the Israeli military rather than police-level reprisals for terrorist acts.

Popular Resistance Committees fired mortar shells at Nahal Oz army base. Later, Hamas also claimed responsibility for the attack. It is common for several terrorist groups to claim responsibility for one attack because individual terrorists usually receive pay from several groups.
The ceasefire continues, and Israel continues to supply water and power to Gaza.

Two Jewish soldiers are in the critical condition, and one of them will remain permanently maimed.

IDF keeps Nahal Oz base just meters from the border with Gaza. The base, open to gunfire and artillery attacks, is entirely unprotected.

The army deported them before they could clash with Jewish villagers. IDF took away most weapons in Yitzhar and neighboring outposts, leaving the Jews helpless.

Meanwhile in Hebron, leftists and Arabs clashed with Jewish residents of the Peace House. Four Arabs sustained minor wounds from rocks. The government’s threat of eviction has radicalized considerable numbers of young Jews, who now often clash with Arabs.

Quite a bunch of loyal citizens we have here. Somehow the American Germans and Japanese weren’t marching in support of their homelands during WWII.

Abd al Aziz al Dwaik underwent kidney surgery at the expense of Jewish taxpayers. He has stayed in Ramle jail in Israel for the last two years.

Haim Ramon has become the latest Kadima mafioso to demand that Olmert relinquish his post. Their calls have nothing to do with justice. It is widely assumed in the study of elections that an acting head of state automatically receives an extra 10-20 percent of the vote. If Tzipi replaces Olmert substantially before the elections, she would garner a lot of otherwise undecided votes. For this reason, Netanyahu hasn’t joined the chorus demanding Olmert’s resignation.

If Olmert steps down, there’s no chance that a Kadima-Avodah government would attack Iran.

General Doron Almog revealed that IDF’s judicial branch turned down his request to demolish a particular house in Gaza. Later on, terrorists dug a tunnel from that house and kidnapped Gilad Shalit.

Israel has freed 250 Palestinian prisoners out the 11,000 total. Though the released Arabs are really insignificant folks with no terrorist connections, their release encourages other Palestinians to throw stones and firebombs at Jews.
Livni praised the release as a move that strengthens Abbas. One is left to wonder why Abbas remains so weak after Israel has released several batches of Palestinian security prisoners?

Hamas praised the prisoner-release.

After the government and ultra-leftists inflamed tensions over the Peace House in Hebron, local Jews and Arabs engaged in intermittent squabbles and stone-throwing. Jews, too, wounded a few Arabs with stones. Dozens of Jewish youth hurled stones at Arab cars and houses.

In the last two decades, the number of welfare recipients has grown from 20,000 to 150,000, despite the booming economy. The increase is fueled by claims for benefits by Arabs, elderly Russian Jews, and the burgeoning Haredi population. Many able Israelis refuse to take the available jobs, and subsist on welfare.

Police disconnected huge loudspeakers on a private house in Sur Bahir Arab village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. For some time, the Arabs had used the loudspeakers to transmit mosque prayers at 3 o’clock in the morning, mostly to wake up Jewish residents of Har Homa and East Talpiyot neighborhoods.

The only Jewish survivor of the Chabad House attack in Mumbai is two years old. After the terrorists bound and gagged the other people in the house, they refused to kill a baby and sent him with his nanny downstairs, allowing her to escape with the child.

It’s hard to recall a single instance when Palestinian terrorists have spared a baby. The Israeli government recently released an Arab star terrorist, Samir Kuntar, one of many Arabs who have murdered an entire Jewish family.

The Jew who tried to rid our country of Rabin the traitor protests his brutal treatment in an Israel jail. Despite his exemplary behavior, Yigal Amir was punished by solitary confinement for an interview he gave to Israeli TV. Yigal Amir is barred visits and the use of books. His treatment is much worse than that of Palestinian terrorists locked in the same jail. Unlike the Palestinians, he faces no prospect of release in a prisoner exchange.

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