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Palestinians attacked IDF troops at the Kissufim Crossing with Gaza. Young radicals and Fatah-affiliated groups are trying to undermine the ceasefire in Gaza to upset Hamas’ grip on power.
IDF is conducting a limited operation in Gaza in response to the attack. IDF normally refrains from violating the ceasefire with incursions into Gaza.

Netanyahu told the Knesset he would form a coalition government with Kadima and Avodah when elected. Polls predict a small victory for Netanyahu, who would therefore be able to form a coalition government entirely of right-wing parties.
Netanyahu, however, is too much a coward to boldly form a conservative government, and wants to bring in the leftists. He would have to give them the foreign, education, and defense ministries, and in the end they will push him to abide by their suicidal policies.

Israeli TV-2 won’t air the interview with Yigal Amir because the Prison Service alleged he was interviewed without its authorization. That’s quite a freedom of speech. Yigal Amir was punished for his interview with solitary confinement in Beersheba prison.

The outpost near Kiryat Arba has been demolished again after a confrontation a few days ago. IDF really takes care of the Jews.
Jewish activists hurled stones at the traitors from the Border Police and YASAM special forces. The police beat Jewish teenagers, including young girls. At least four people were arrested.
One of the shacks remains standing.

For years, we have been saying that Iran will use the Bushehr nuclear reactor to produce plutonium and harvest enriched uranium from the rods. Technically, the reactor only has to be stopped for a few weeks to harvest plutonium. Legally, Iran has to return the spent rods to Russia for reprocessing, but can extract uranium from the already shipped Russian rods and afterwards buy new ones from China.

The AP published IAEA intelligence material confirming just that: Iran is testing the harvesting of enriched uranium from the spent fuel rods. Curiously, IAEA has conducted next to no intelligence in Iran for more than a year, so the material is quite old—and yet remains unpublished.

That’s the official lie. The truth is, less than a thousand Arabs serve in IDF, and about 80 percent of them are women, all in the National Service. They get paid for the minimal job they do there, often serving in Arab hospitals and Muslim charity organizations. After completion of this fake army course, they receive significant financial benefits from the crazy Jewish state, including education grants, and improved job opportunities. Still, their number amounts to 0.3% of military-age Arabs. Palestinian terrorist organizations boast a better conscription rate.

IDF demolished Bedouin shacks in the West Bank near Hebron. IDF concentrates on destroying illegal Jewish and Bedouin homes, but carefully avoids confrontation with mainstream Arabs, who have built hundreds of thousands of housing units without permits.

The two Arabs stored Molotov cocktails in their rented apartment, and planned to set houses in Hatikva neighborhood on fire. Yeah, Hatikva, the hope.
On a separate note, Shabak does great work: it’s not an easy task to find out a couple of lone arsonists.

Egyptian police discovered a cache of rockets near Rafiah Crossing with Gaza, including surface-to-air missiles. Presumably, many more found their way into Gaza.

The NY Times reports on the routine Hamas-sponsored mass marriage in Gaza, which aims to bring together Hamas loyalists and the widows of its former loyalists. This time, the marriage subsidy went down to $200 per couple because, allegedly, Hamas’ donors in the Persian Gulf are afraid and have stopped donations.
Haniye and Mashaal personally paid for the event out of their deep pockets.

On behalf of the EU, France condemned what it termed “settler violence against Palestinian civilians.” In other words, self-defense by Jews. Some harbored the expectation that Sarkozy’s France would be friendly to Israel, but we debunked that myth.
How come France, the EU, and everyone else don’t condemn Palestinian violence against Jewish civilians, including the settlers, who are attacked daily?

Pandering to the left in an effort to stay in power and escape prosecution, Olmert renewed talks with Syria.
Olmert’s move caused a mini-storm in the Knesset, though the majority there support ceding the Golan Heights to Syria in return for a worthless peace treaty—as if we haven’t had peace with Syria since its last defeat thirty-five years ago.

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