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The Independent revealed a long-expected surprise: Abu Nidal, a terrorist par excellence, worked for the CIA. A friend of Saddam Hussein, he spied on Saddam for the CIA, trying to obtain non-existent evidence of Saddam’s cooperation with Al Qaeda. Saddam duly executed him in 2002, but made the death appear a suicide, apparently to avoid confrontation with other terrorists.
Abu Nidal provided Israel with the pretext for invading Lebanon in 1982 by attempting the assassination of the ambassador Shlomo Argov.

David Cohen, Hirchson’s former accomplice in Histadrut, testified that he repeatedly passed unaccounted cash to Hirchson. Cohen also asserts he gave cash to Olmert, though there is no evidence to confirm his testimony.
Another witness testified earlier that he gave Hirchson and other officials signed blank checks.
Histadrut is normally off-limits to Israeli justice, and the current trial of its ex-boss is a welcome attempt to bring the trade union mafiosi to justice.

Olmert and Barak reversed yesterday’s government decision to intercept the infiltrators from Cyprus who were allowed to dock two boats in Gaza weeks earlier.
This treacherous government is afraid of everything, even negative PR—as if there can be positive PR about Israel.
The British received no bad PR when during the Holocaust they actually shot at the boats carrying Jewish immigrants to the Land of Israel. The British are directly responsible for thousands of Jews shot and drowned while trying to reach Palestine during the Holocaust.

Peres and Olmert called Mubarak on the phone to apologize for Lieberman’s very correct remarks. Speaking in the Knesset, Lieberman raised an issue about which we also have written repeatedly: why is that Israeli officials come to Cairo in throngs, as if Mubarak is their tsar, while he never comes to Israel? Sensibly, Lieberman called on Israel to have or at least show a bit of self-respect. And if Mubarak doesn’t want to come to Israel, Lieberman recommended he go to hell.

The police charge them with every imaginable offense: cursing officers, wrongful civil arrest of Palestinian stone-throwers, shooting in self-defense, disturbance of non-existent peace, etc. It’s not uncommon for the police to file charges against teenage girls, claiming they had assaulted armed-to-the teeth police.
That attitude contrasts with the great laxity shown toward Palestinian criminals. The police almost never prosecute Palestinian robbers, even when settlers arrest them. Stone-throwing is not a punishable crime these days, and less than one percent of firebomb throwers are arrested.

Israeli flags in Umm al Fahm are a great victory for the right-wing cause. Over police objections, the Supreme Court magnanimously allowed Baruch Marzel to march with a couple hundred Jews down the streets of the Israeli Arab town Umm Al Fahm. The Israeli town is so hostile to Jews that walking there, let alone marching, is dangerous. The town is normally off-limits to Israeli police.

Consider this: in the Jewish state Jews need the Supreme Court’s permission to walk in a particular town. Not in even in Poland or Ukraine are Jews under such restrictions.

The marchers won’t be allowed to carry banners like any other demonstrators, but merely Israeli flags—the court correctly believes the sight of Israeli flags is sufficiently insulting to our Arab neighbors.
Arabs and homosexuals can march anywhere they wish in Israel, including for Arabs the Temple Mount.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center spent $1 million in legal fees in a suit brought by Muslim organizations. They challenged the construction of the Tolerance Museum because 12 percent of the site was occupied by long-abandoned Muslim graves. The Center offered to relocate the graves, and the Muslims maliciously refused. Both in Israel and in Arab countries, Muslims routinely build on abandoned cemeteries, but in Jerusalem they stopped the construction for three years.

Yossi Beilin, a communist scumbag of colossal proportions, has quit his political career. After decades of communist rhetoric, that fraud from Meretz has decided to enter business. The official story is rather unlikely, as he probably took a behind-the-scenes job for Peres.

Alongside Peres, Beilin is arguably the worst person in Israeli politics; he has inflicted mammoth damage on the Jewish state. Beilin orchestrated the Oslo negotiations, despite the government’s ban on negotiating with the PLO. While Rabin campaigned on tough sanctions against Palestinians, Beilin conducted negotiations in Cairo with Abu Mazen and promised Arafat the Oslo Accords in return for getting the Israeli Arabs to vote for Rabin.
Alongside Peres, Beilin channels EU subsidies to the Israeli ultra-left.

The Israeli Supreme Court, funded by Jews, takes our enemies’ issues to heart. Now the court has ordered the IDF to stop the “illegal” practice of banning some Palestinians from traveling abroad without explaining to them why. The whole matter is absurd because the Palestinians know why they are banned: because of their terrorist connections. According the the court’s ruling, tens of thousands of Palestinians will flood the Shin-Bet with petitions for travel, demanding detailed explanations for refusal, and appeal them in Israeli courts—all the while plotting new terrorist attacks against Jews.

Ehud Barak lashed out against Russia, China, and India for abetting Iran’s nuclear program. All the three countries are more or less friendly to Israel: Russia received a major land plot in Jerusalem, India buys advanced Israeli weapons, and China purchases Israeli military technologies.

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