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Two Palestinians in Talpiyot, Jerusalem attempted to stab a twenty-four-year-old Jew with knife, but he beat them away with a stick he picked up at the scene. According to police, he faked the story.
Arab terrorism grows increasingly grassroots. Hamas and Fatah are engaged in the political process; they understand they can push Israel into more concessions by pretending to be the victims, rather than by attacking Jews. To maintain domestic popularity, the terrorist groups routinely send youngsters with bombs through Israeli roadblocks—and duly warn Shabak which then intercepts the bombers. Both the terrorists and Shabak score well in the deal: the Palestinians continue their struggle and Shabak fights terrorism. If the Palestinian terrorists wanted to carry out a real attack, they would have brought the bombs into Israel through an open area rather than through the roadblocks. It is also incredible that IDF is able to intercept all the bombers—a lot of them—at roadblocks so that no bomb is exploded inside Israel.
Though the established Palestinian terrorist organizations spy on their grassroots competitors and routinely report the bombers to Shabak, the face of the terrorist war against Jews is clearly changing. Israel can conclude any number of peace treaties with the Fatah-Hamas government, but common Palestinians will continue their terrorism against Israel.

Hamas uniforms were discovered in humanitarian cargo by IDF border patrol at Gaza crossing.

A farmer in Ben Shemen settlement acted in compliance with the “Shai Dromi” law. In an unusual feat of common sense, the Knesset has recently made it legal to shoot burglars if the resident believes that he is acting in self-defense. The bill effectively shifts the burden of proof onto burglars.
The farmer, Shai Dromi, became famous after he was put in jail for shooting an Arab burglar, one of the thousands of Arabs who make the lives of Jewish farmers unbearable. Police cannot prosecute that many cases, especially when the victims come from Arab villages, themselves off-limits to Jewish police. The farmers have to take matters of defense into their own hands.
Jewish medics are now treating the Arab burglar, one of three attackers, at public expense.

The Palestinian Authority has signed an agreement to connect to the pan-Arabic power grid. Though the projected work volume is rather small, the Arabs estimate it will be completed in four years.
Israel will have the satisfaction of not supplying power to her enemies, but will lose a lucrative energy market.

Doctors in Kfar Qassem hospital were arrested for issuing fake sick-leaves to IDF conscripts at a price of $50 per day.
Kfar Qassem is a place that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Half a century ago, IDF committed a serious atrocity there, murdering dozens of Arab civilians, including women and children. The soldiers were subsequently jailed for obeying an order, but their sentences were slashed on the order of Ben Gurion. The massacre grew into an important myth in the Palestinian conscience, and the village became one big memorial, and a center for Jew-hatred. Israel ought to pay large compensations to the victims’ families, demolish the village, and deport all its residents to Jordan.

The second boat trip from Cyprus to Gaza will be intercepted. The encounter might become a PR disaster for Israel, but the Navy has all the necessary experience to blockade the boats without actually clashing with the EU-financed leftists.
A better option would be arresting the infiltrators as common criminals and jailing them for an appropriate term. The leftist bunch includes Israeli Arab MK Zahalka and Mustafa Barghouti, son of the jailed terrorist par excellence Marwan Barghouti.

Livni pushes for early elections on February 10. She has several reasons to hurry.
While Olmert leads the government, Livni will always be in danger. Olmert has many ways of discrediting his nemesis.
The crumbling economy is pushing more voters toward Netanyahu, with his fake reputation as an economic genius.
An announcement by Iran of the completion of its nuclear program, possible even in March, would spell the end of Kadima. On other hand, in the unlikely event that Olmert strikes Iran before Bush leaves the White House, Livni would want the elections to take place during the weeks of public euphoria.

The US cross-border attack resulted in the capture of Abu Ghadiyah, one of Al Qaeda’s leaders who openly lives in Syria. Abu Ghadiyah was actively involved in the Iraqi insurgency.
The American attack in Syria is not a watershed event: during the Clinton years, the US attacked targets inside other sovereign states—Sudan, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan—without declaring war. Syria, though, is by far the most authoritative state the US has attacked without declaring war.
The attack carries no implications for the State Department’s attitude toward negotiations with Syria. The military had a free hand in deciding about the attack, while the State Department’s diplomatic efforts continue on an unrelated track.

Palestinians are participating in an Israeli-boycott conference in Damascus, alongside fourteen Arab states. Curiously, Palestinians may boycott Israel, but Jews are not permitted to boycott Palestinian labor. Quite a peace partner we have.
Egypt and Jordan, which formally signed peace treaties with Israel, remain committed to the boycott, though they don’t enforce it.
Iraq, where America restored democracy and liberty, is one of the countries most actively enforcing the boycott.
The participants in the annual conference—high-level Arab diplomats—emphasized using the boycott as a means of opposing Israel’s existence. Remember the Saudi peace initiative?

The number of casualties of road accidents greatly exceeds the number of terrorist victims. The security reason for the peace process is a fiction.
The Green Light NGO published a report on the ethnic makeup of road casualties: only 22 percent of child casualties are Jewish.
Arabs are not only the major victims of road accidents (which is up to them), but the major perpetrators as well: Arab drivers kill and maim more Jews than do the terrorists.

The Israeli Finance and Transport Ministries reduced the fee for oil imports charged by Ashdod and Haifa ports by 70 percent. The trade unions vehemently oppose the reduction. The ports, nominally state-owned, fill Histadrut coffers.

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