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The Labor Party chairman vows to fight the “Right’s piggish capitalism.” It’s really funny to hear that from Barak, a notorious capitalist, business consultant, and corruptioner.

Previously, the US had launched a commando attack against Syrian targets across the hardly demarcated border with Iraq. The choice of targets was odd—according to the Syrians, a farmer and his family. We’ll probably know the details soon. The attack was not erroneous, as the Americans decided to ignore Syria’s sovereign run to hide the insurgents. Such an impulse toward lawlessness on the part of Bush in his last months in the White House offers a dim hope for a last-day authorization for an Israeli strike on Iran.
But Russia didn’t significantly condemn the Israeli raid on Syria a year ago. Though the Russian reaction reflects the intensified tensions with the US, the Russians knew a year ago that Syria indeed deserved to be bombed. Its nuclear facility was no news to them.

Olmert had won so far. The master politician’s decision to allow Kadima primaries was suspect, and rightly so. As usual, Olmert had more than one trick in his pocket, and resurfaced under the most difficult circumstances.
Livni could form a narrow government with the Meretz communists and the Arab parties, but Mofaz’s faction in Kadima had apparently prevailed in rejecting Livni’s plan. Such an ultra-left government would be extremely unpopular, and would destroy Kadima in the next general elections. The narrow government wouldn’t be able to push capitulation to the Palestinians through the Knesset.
Livni runs in polls in a close tie with Netanyahu, and reasonably expects to win the elections: enough Israelis are sufficiently stupid to vote for Livni’s Kadima, and Israel’s leftist media will support Livni.
Through his friend Mofaz, Olmert played a major role in Kadima’s refusal to form a narrow government. This way, Olmert stays in power until the elections. An Olmert-led Kadima will do poorly in elections even if Livni heads the party list. If Livni takes the helm now, she will be discredited by the weak economy; voters believe, for no reason, that Netanyahu is a better economist. Olmert’s overtures to the leftists show that the master politician intends to stay until the elections: he slammed the settlers and promised a peace treaty with Abu Mazen this year.

The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced that his country arms “liberation armies” in the Middle East. Not a big revelation, but the first honest disclosure by Iran on this topic.

Students blocked the Jerusalem to Tel Aviv highway, demanding more subsidies to universities.
When conservative Jewish activists blocked even minor roads during the Gush Katif protests, scores were arrested, some jailed.

Netanyahu has announced that if elected PM, he won’t conduct negotiations on the West Bank and Jerusalem. Really? And who signed the Wye River memorandum?
Shas’ Yishai screamed that he only wanted from Livni some money for ill children. That, and a billion for Torah scholars.
Peres called on the MKs to defeat any enemy. Elsewhere, he argues loudly against an Israeli attack on Iran.

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