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A Palestinian tried to stab a government inspector on the Mount of Olives. The armed inspector arrested him but didn’t shoot.

Livni announced her intent—which still might be revoked—to go for general elections. She failed to negotiate coalition terms with the other parties. Livni lacks the stamina for routine government work, the give-and-take play essential to coalition governments. If she is unable to reach a coalition agreement within hours, general elections will be announced and Olmert will remain in power for the next few months.

Olmert has recently improved his position with the leftists with his calls for a crackdown on settlers and capitulation to the Palestinians. Oddly, this might not be the worst choice: after Barack Hussein Obama takes office, Israel will be pushed to make more drastic concessions than possible today under Bush. Both Livni and Netanyahu will be much worse negotiators than Olmert. Netanyahu was the only prime minister in Israel who accepted the American draft of an agreement during the Wye River negotiations.
In the upcoming general elections, the government will remain leftist. Even if Likud takes a slight majority of seats, it will still be unable to form a coalition government without either Kadima or Avodah. Israel can only hope for a Hamas takeover of the West Bank in order to stop the peace-process suicide.

A month ago, Shin Bet arrested a Palestinian infiltrator with sleeping pills. He intended to lure Israeli soldiers to the Egyptian border to buy drugs, then sedate them and transport them to Gaza. The Palestinian was sent by Hamas’ semi-independent military wing Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades.

Olmert, still the PM, instructed Internal Security Minister Dichter to jail Jewish protesters in Hebron and the nearby settlements for the crime of incitement. Olmert is oblivious to the fact that anti-Jewish incitement a thousand times stronger goes on daily in every mosque in Israel.
The curses unloaded on IDF soldiers who were evacuating an outpost near Kiryat Arba were largely symbolic, and clearly do not qualify as criminal incitement. On the positive side, Jewish pioneers hurled stones at their IDF attackers.
After the outpost’s destruction, Jewish activists damaged dozens of Arab cars in Hebron. A very small number of Jews took part in these events.
The settler movement’s officials condemned the activists who assaulted the IDF traitors.
The settlers proceeded to rebuild the destroyed outpost.

At a cabinet meeting, chief of Israeli Military Intelligence Amos Yadlin revealed that Syria provided Hezbollah with unrestrained access to its strategic capabilities. Yadlin might be exaggerating, as Syria is unlikely to equip Hezbollah with mid-range missiles.
Yadlin also spoke of Syria and Iran bribing scores of Lebanese MPs in order to get hold of that country.
The Military Intelligence estimate is that the world crisis makes stronger sanctions on Iran unlikely.

Iran’s rough international situation has taken its toll, if not on economy, then on Ahmadinejad. He has removed himself from his routine activities amid an unknown degree of mental collapse. The Iranian ruler is visibly ill, but not to the extent of ridding the world of his presence.

“Sinbad,” the top German agent who reported on Iran’s nuclear program for ten years, double-crossed his masters. German customs arrested him for delivering critical missile technology to Iran. It is unknown whether BND, the German intelligence, knew about the smuggling. It might well have been informed, because its objective was to amass information, rather than stop Iran’s nuclear program. An exchange of missile technology for nuclear reports is a likely possibility.

Arabs threw a firebomb into the Spirit of the North yeshiva in Wolfson neighborhood. The yeshiva was founded there to anchor the dwindling Jewish presence as Jewish residents fled the neighborhood, which was increasingly being settled by the Arabs.

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