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IDF allowed Fatah to re-occupy Hebron with close to 600 “policemen.” Their enforcement role in Hamas-controlled Hebron would be negligible, but Arab civilians will be further incited against Jews in Hebron.
Barak allows the Fatah deployment in Hebron, the third PLO-controlled city in Judea and Samaria, under heavy American pressure. The Americans train Fatah thugs in Jordan and arm them.

Abbas ousted chief of Fatah security services Tawfiq Tirawi after news was leaked to press of Tirawi’s participation in the Israel-Fatah security conference in Beth El. During the conference, Fatah thugs pleaded with Israel to help them crack down on Hamas. Abbas realizes that Palestinians dislike his collaboration with Israel in the conflict with Hamas.
The Israeli government is inclined to invade Gaza and clear the path for Fatah with Jewish blood.

Dozens of Arabs clashed on their own issues in the eastern section of Jerusalem. For some reason, the policemen tried to prevent them from killing each other. During the scuffle, three policemen were slightly wounded.

The seventeen-year-old kid just wanted to bring his favorite explosive into Israel, and cruel Zionists took his toy away. Without Jewish blood on his hands, the kid will be released in the next prisoner exchange. Havara roadblock is one of those that the US Administration urges Israel to dismantle.

The European Parliament declared the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33 “a crime against humanity.” Ukrainians blame the famine, of course, on Jews. A recent report by the Ukrainian secret service KGB/SBU names a few dozen Soviet Jewish functionaries as responsible for the famine, even though most of them held offices totally unrelated to the affair.
The EU made its announcement as a punch to Russia, which asserts the Ukrainians inflated the death toll by a factor of ten. Seeing itself as heir to the Soviet Empire, Russia defends the communist regime against all Ukrainian accusations.

October 2008
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