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The Swedish-owned company has relocated its factory away from Barkan Industrial Park in Samaria to protest the Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank.

Kadima has refused Shas’ demand of united Jerusalem, even at the cost of forming the government without the religious party. Livni will form the most ultra-left Israeli government in history, with the support of Meretz communists and Arabs, and without any Jewish religious parties.
Happy you have ousted Olmert?

At Hirchson’s fraud hearings, his associate revealed that he routinely gave blank signed checks to Histadrut bosses, who then filled in the required salaries and reimbursements. The associate claimed the practice was sound because in Histadrut “they were all friends.”

Mohammad al Badan, a Palestinian Arab, tried to enter MATI school in Jerusalem to kill the students. Stopped by policeman Daniel Motza, the Arab stabbed him several times and ran away. Motza managed to shoot and wound the Arab. An unarmed Jew, Yoav Mizrahi, ran after the knife-wielding Arab and caught him.
In the meantime, the Arab knifed an elderly Jew—which was only possible because the policewoman on the scene did not shoot the running Arab, but radioed for support. Apparently, such are the police’s instructions.
In all the terrorist acts in Jerusalem this year (Merkaz Ha-Rav, the bulldozer, etc) police did not stop the Arab attackers.

The US punished Rosoboronexport, the Russian military export monopoly, for selling arms and ballistic missile technologies to Iran. The sales of TOR-1M are not that critical, so exactly what weapons did Russia sell to Iran that the US and Israel are so worried about?

October 2008
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