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A Palestinian in Jerusalem stabbed a policeman who stopped him for inspection. He then fled, killing an eighty-six-year-old Zionist. The policeman then managed to shoot and wound the Arab. Israeli doctors now treat the murderer at public expense. As a terrorist, he will be freed in a prisoner swap a few years from now.
In a well-known mantra, MKs demand the demolition of the terrorist’s house, as if that solves anything.

The World Bank routinely condemns Israel for the stagnating Palestinian economy. This time, Jews are also responsible for the boom. Under the Israeli oppression, real estate prices in the West Bank are booming. Some would say that’s a sign of a rich economy, but the World Bank pays no heed to the free market. Instead, the bank laments that the high prices are out of the reach of most Palestinians. Oddly, the World Bank doesn’t condemn the US because real estate is so expensive in Manhattan.
In the World Bank’s opinion, the elders of Zion push real estate prices up in the West Bank by building roads there and closing off large areas. Obviously, the bank’s analysts have never been to the West Bank, where huge areas under Palestinian occupation are empty. The story is still worse for the refugee camps: Palestinian leadership purposely keeps them shut, causing major overcrowding there. For example, refugee camps just outside of Schem, under the complete Palestinian authority, have a population density five times that of Schem.

AFP gleefully interviewed the released terrorist. Kuntar promised to not rest until Israel is destroyed.
Israel released Samir Kuntar in exchange for the decomposed bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Though only about 60 percent of released terrorists ever return to terror, most of them become disproportionally important as lecturers and inciters.

It took the court twenty-one months to sentence the Arab who stabbed policeman Shlomo Asulin with screwdriver. The Arab was only able to send Asulin into a coma because police are under strict instructions to avoid shooting Arabs at any cost. Afraid of judicial persecution if he shot the Arab, Asulin tried to subdue him.
Asulin left two children and a widow, who cannot even remarry because he’s legally alive.

A Jerusalem court closed the case against two Palestinians engaged in grand theft of Israeli cars. The thieves disassembled Israeli cars in the West Bank and sold them as spare parts.
The court believes the West Bank residents are beyond Israeli jurisdiction. Months earlier, the same court accepted that Israelis can sue the Palestinian Authority for terrorist damages. Consistency is not a hallmark of politically motivated Jewish judges.

October 2008
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