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Tzipi Livni’s Foreign Ministry has designed a massive program to cope with Obama’s approach to Iran. Obama has repeatedly stated the need for direct dialogue with Iran. The absurdity of this repels no voters: what’s the point of direct negotiations when both countries already know each other’s demands? In Obama’s direct negotiations with Iran, the US will only reiterate its well-known position of would Iran please stop developing nuclear weapons. Iran’s answer is similarly known beforehand: no.

Obama’s approach shows the leftists’ quasi-religious belief that talking solves problems. Leftists since Plato have believed that every problem can be rationally discussed and settled. For Obama, the world is one big Harvard classroom where† matters are debated, and then the opponents walk out amicably.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has created four groups, which will jump into action as soon as Obama is elected. They will press Iran on diplomatic, human rights, sanctions, and IAEA fronts which have already proven useless. Essentially, Livni is preparing to join Obama’s talking group. Barak is even more hesitant to attack Iran, as he was the only dissenter in the government decision to attack Syria a year ago.

Earlier, Olmert discussed attacking Iran after the US elections but before the inauguration of the next president. The preparations by Livni’s Foreign Ministry show that plan has been shelved. Israel will not bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities while the US-Iranian negotiations drag on. And drag they willóas with Vietnam, there will be endless squabbles over minor issues down to the shape of conference tables. The negotiations will provide Iran with the critical few months it needs to complete its bomb.

Iran has already enriched enough uranium for several micro-charges, or even a tactical bomb with advanced design, such as a Russian one. Israel’s procrastination allows it to build full-size strategic bombs. An Iranian nuclear bomb spells an end to Israel’s nuclear deterrence, and opens the way for Arabs to attack Israel with conventional means. At the very least, Arabs can bankrupt Israel with a conventional arms race, border insecurity, and repeated mobilizations. Without her nuclear deterrent, Israel can be pushed for concessions far beyond the Saudi “peace” plan. In fact, the US will push her to accept Arab demands so as to avoid the need for forceful American policy in defense of Israel.

After Livni’s government sits idle while Iran builds its nuclear weapons, Israel can still theoretically maintain her nuclear deterrence by promising to annihilate every thing Muslim with her 200 nuclear bombs if attacked. Realistically, no Israeli government would do so. Golda Meir’s hawkish government shrunk from employing nuclear weapons in 1973 even as the Egyptian army was poised to thrust toward Tel Aviv with the stated objective of killing every Jew they encountered. The already meager value of Israel’s nuclear deterrent will be gone if Livni and Barak’s cabal of traitors allows Iran nuclear weapons.

Ben Gurion created the state of Israel. It takes Livni to wind it down. But she is not alone: millions of complacent Israelis with Judenrat mentalities are guilty of not ousting her.

Weeks ago, Internal Minister Sheetrit negotiated visa-free travel for Israelis to the United States. That move was a bit odd, as the government has traditionally opposed travel restrictions on Israelis, many of whom would gladly move to a less scary place.
Now we have learned that the Internal Ministry expects Arabs and non-Jewish Russian immigrants to make use of the new travel opportunities and leave Israel for illegal work in the United States.

Though Israeli security services concentrate on opposing Arab organizations, the Arabs didn’t need one for the Acre riots. Just like on so many occasions before, an incitement from a mosque mobilized a sufficient crowd of hotheads for whom Jew-hating is the only allowable kind of social protest. The Israeli attorney general refused to prosecute the rioters even though they chanted “Kill the Jews!” and meant it, coming out against Jewish residents with axes and rods. No doubt, a similar anti-Arab riot by Jews would have been punished severely.

No measures will be taken to combat Arab hostility toward Jews, and that’s understandable because it is built-in, and any such measures would be futile. But apparently even anti-Jewish actions will not be punished. Israel is the only civilized state that allows anti-Jewish riots such as in Acre, Israel.

Israeli police arrived at the scene hours late, in clearly insufficient numbers, and only acted on a grand scale after Jews managed to defend themselves. At that point, police equally suppressed Arab attackers and Jewish defenders. Here again, a leftist method to ignore the roots has been demonstrated: just like pacifists demand peace here and now, despite the necessity of rectifying previous wrongs, or anti-death-penalty activists scream about the rights of the accused without considering their victims’ right of revenge, so too, in Acre the police viewed both Jews and Arabs as equally engaged in violence, and arrested both.

The Jewish situation in Israel is precarious. Arabs in Acre were about two hours away from massacring local Jews. A little bit more incitement would definitely have pushed them over the edge. There are plenty of similarly endangered Jewish neighborhoods: Jerusalem, Lod, and Nazareth to name a few.

Jews were afraid to use firearms to defend themselves in the Acre riots. According to the monstrous Israeli regulations, soldiers are not allowed to shoot at Arabs unless they are clearly in for a murder. By such definition, Arabs with axes in the streetsórather than in housesócannot be shot at. Any Jewish self-defense organizations would be useless under these terms.

The idea of Jewish self-defense is unworkable because we’re too close to the Arabs. It’s like facing a violent criminal and waiting for him to strike you first before you respond. By the time he strikes, it might be too late. The only way to prevent murderous Arab riots in Israel is to preempt them by transferring the Arabs thirty miles away to Jordan and Lebanonóless distance than many Americans travel to work.

Police arrested six Jewish teens for throwing Molotov cocktails at Arab apartments in Tel Aviv.
Almost no Arab is ever arrested for a similar offense against Jews, not even the hundreds of Arabs who burned Jewish cars and shops in Acre.

The Arab mob charged several Jewish visitors, who fled the holiest place in Judaism under police cover.

Britain, China, France, Russia, America, and Germany did not even reach an agreement on whether there should be new sanctions against the nuclear mullahs. That’s good. Enough of that sanctions farce.

Iran, Russia, and Qatar are discussing creating an OPEC-style gas cartel. Their OPEC customers cry murder, but who cares.

Libya will buy $2 billion of weapons from Russia, including S-300 and TOR-1M anti-aircraft batteries. Libya is technically not a “problematic zone,” and Russia will supply it all the arms it wants. Then Libya’s dictator can transfer them to Iran.
The agreement will be finalized during Qaddafi’s upcoming visit to Moscow.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry lashed out at Russia for attacking purely civilian targets in Georgia with cluster bombs; a Dutch correspondent was killed in the attack.
Human rights groups remain unconcerned with Russia’s use of cluster bombs, though they vociferously condemned similar Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

Obama halted his campaign for two days to visit his ostensibly dying Hawaiian grandma. The trick is, the grandma is white and Obama needs to bring her into action to combat the Bradley effect. When Bradley campaigned in Los Angeles, white voters professed their support for him to pollsters, but in the last moment changed their mind because he’s black.

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