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Unable to muster support for capitulating to Palestinians, Israeli government tries to establish facts on the ground. In order to please his American masters, Barak approved 700 Fatah thugs dubbed “policemen” in Hebron, to be deployed in the coming days, and mulls a similar scheme for other towns, including Schem, Tulkarm and Kalkilya.
Israel has a brighter future, though: in the next four months, Abbas will be out or unrecognized by Hamas, intra-Palestinian clashes ensue, and the peace process stopped for a while.

Though 80 to 90 percent of American Jews are Democrats, a recent NY University poll shows that less than 70 percent will vote for Obama.
Testifying to Jewish schizophrenia, the poll indicates that even those Jews who identify themselves as pro-Israel will predominantly vote for Obama. Here is a big problem: their pro-Israeli stance is rhetorical only. Besides giving a $20 check to UJA, they are not prepared to move a finger to help Israel even in the Iranian crisis. Just like their grandparents seventy years ago, they enjoy life while their Jewish brothers and sisters wait to be killed (curiously, in both cases by Aryans). Liberal Jews marched against apartheid and whatever else, but not to demand that the US attack Iran, or at least allow Israel to do so. And now they vote for Obama because he offers them an excuse for doing nothing: Obama will talk and talk to Iran until it gets nuclear weapons, and the problem goes away—the problem called “Israel.”

Palestinians and leftists, who crossed into Israel ostensibly to pick olives from the trees they consider theirs, have attacked Jews on two dozen occasions in the last two weeks. But the Israeli government is more concerned with Palestinians harvesting on Israeli land rather than Jewish security.

The government refuses compensation to the Jewish victims of the Acre riots. Close to two hundred cars and dozens of homes and shops were damaged. The Jewish Agency gave $50,000 to the Arab “victims.”
The government’s problem is that in order to pay the compensations, it has to declare the riots “hostile activities.” Doing that runs against the mantra of peace-process and peaceful coexistence between Jews and our Arab enemies, who ran through the Jewish district screaming “Kill the Jews!”
Police refuse to prosecute Arab attackers and inciters even as the post-riot incitement goes on unimpeded. Arabs are organizing to resist the “Jewish invasion” of Acre—an act which would be definitely prosecuted as racist incitement if done by Jews.
The government has shrunk from the “hostile activities” announcement in many incidents, notably when Arabs launched a pogrom in Hebron that killed Baruch Goldstein. Instead of acknowledging that Arabs thoroughly prepared and launched the pogrom, Rabin’s government blamed it on Dr. Goldstein. In the Acre case, the riots were blamed on a single Arab driver, and somehow not on hostile activities.

After successfully lobbying for the transfer of the Sergiev Court in Jerusalem to Russia and financing the relocation of Jewish government offices, Arkady Gaydamak fishes for Arab voters in his bid for the Jerusalem mayoralty. The Media Line translated a piece from Al-Amal: in that interview, Gaydamak lambasted the “inequality” in Jerusalem and the “oppression” of its Arab residents, and promised them improved municipal services (paid for by Jews) and access to investment opportunities (buying sacred Jewish land in the most sensitive places). Gaydamak met with several Arab opinion-makers in order to bring his message to Arab voters.
A third of Jerusalem voters are Arabs.

This night, IDF destroyed three Jewish hamlets (“illegal outposts”) near Braha, Karmei Zur, and Migron. Several Jewish families are left homeless.

October 2008
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