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Barak announced that Livni agreed to his suggestion of resuming negotiations on the Saudi peace plan as an alternative to the stalled talks with Syria and the Palestinians.
The Saudi plan, always denounced by Israeli governments, calls to the full return to 1956 borders, abandoning Jerusalem, and a solution to the 1948 refugees. On the face of it, in the comprehensive talks Saudis can push the Palestinians to accept minor border adjustments. But Barak actually subverts the peace process by appealing to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi peace plan is unrealistic: some Muslim countries, notably Iran, would not sign peace in Israel no matter what, while others – including Saudi Arabia and Iraq – are averse to formal peace with Israel, deeply unpopular with their populations.
Israeli rulers realize that Obama wins the US elections and intensify the peace pressure despite it being clearly impossible for Israel to withdraw from terrorist nest of the West Bank. By embracing the Saudi peace plan, on which the Saudis cannot deliver, Israel moves the ball into the Arab court. It remains to see whether Obama would swallow such a diversion or continue pressing Israel for a separate peace with Palestinians despite the state of war with all other Muslim countries. More likely than not, that will be his policy.

Days after Haifa’s chief rabbi shamefully pleaded with Vatican to cancel beautification of Pope Pius XII – as if Catholic rites as Jews’ business – Vatican objected to an inscription in Yad Vashem which states very mildly that the pope hardly did anything to save Jews. When tens of thousands of devout Catholics hunted and murdered Jews during Holocaust, and tens of millions of other devout Catholics raised no objection to the slaughter, the soon-to-be-beautified pope might well be a bit outspoken.

Israeli police arrested several ultra-leftists who pretended to harvest Palestinian olives in Tel Rumaida neighborhood. The leftists who have no clue how to harvest olives kept inciting local Arabs against Jewish settlers.

The enterprising Arab fellows lacked firearms. They, therefore, dug a tunnel under the base’s fence, attacked an unsuspecting soldier and took away his rifle.
Unwilling to admit a terrorist attack, police claims a criminal incident, which is ludicrous: there is no shortage of weapons in Israel, and criminals would simply buy one rather than attack a military base.

Hundreds of left-wingers blocked Kerem Shalom Crossing with Gaza to demand resumption of talks on exchanging a Jewish corporal for a thousand jailed terrorists. Thousands rockets which showered Sderot for years didn’t prompt them to similarly block the border.

Police arrested three young religious Jews.

United Torah Judaism Party articulated its demands to join Livni’s government: subsidized housing for its constituents, lifetime welfare payments for those who study Torah, and child allowances.
It doesn’t bother the UTJ that working for living is a Jew’s major obligation, and he must not allow himself to become a burden on the community. UTJ also is not bothered with a little Zionist issue: government subsidies to Jewish families automatically mean subsidizing also the Arab ones, which breed like crazy.
Rabbi Meir Kahane called to a common-sense measure of privatizing Israeli welfare so that Jewish money help Jewish children only rather than our enemies.
UTJ’s bargaining capacity is slight as Livni can form the government without them, with Meretz communists and Arab parties.

Instead of driving him out of the Jewish parliament, the Knesset provided Abbas Zakour with security guards after the Arab nourished his ego by claiming that some Jews want to kill him. Well, probably very Jew does, but not as an actionable wish yet.
The Knesset offered no additional security to Lieberman after the terrorist group PLFP officially announced its intent to kill him, as they killed Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi.

Recently, we ridiculed Israeli wishful thinking regarding the Russian promise to avoid supplying S-300 to Syria and Iran. Yediot Aharonot reports on Israeli intelligence to that very effect: as we have suggested, the S-300 will be deployed on Russian Navy ships in Syrian ports, ostensibly to cover them against non-existent Israeli threat, but in practice to provide warning to Syrians of Israeli attacks.

Luminas Corporation, Lev Levaev’s company in Angola, again figures in scandalous reports. The corporate security put down a riot by miners; up to five Blacks are killed, hundreds jailed. Levaev runs a diamond business in Angola in wide coalition: his associates there range from ex-Mossad chief Danny Yatom to KGB/FSB officials.

Hamas would need the ceasefire until the next elections in order to gain voters’ support.

The months of ceasefire allowed Hamas to train safely and considerably improve both its arsenal and bunker network.

The Arab who started the riots by calling on the crowd to avenge the reportedly killed Yom Kippur driver, fled Israel and is now hiding in the Palestinian-occupied territory.

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