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Three days ago, IDF blew a tunnel in Hebron. Now, the tunnels in the West Bank are unusual. In Gaza, they are used to cross the border, but the Hebron tunnel was a dead-end, going nowhere. So we suspected it was not a tunnel at all, but rather a weapons cache.
The Jerusalem Post confirms today that the PLO “policemen” removed close to a thousand pounds of explosives and a lot of weapons from the cache just before they alerted the IDF to the empty tunnel. Reportedly, the IDF commandment knew all along about the removed weapons but chose not to trumpet the affair.
The reason for the silence is clear: IDF currently approves a deployment of another 700 Fatah thugs (“policemen”) in Hebron. Many of them would eventually join Hamas overtly, as the experience suggests. News of the extremely heavy Hamas activity in Hebron jeopardizes both the current Fatah deployment and the peace process generally.

American diplomats assert that China blocks a new round of worthless sanctions against Iran in retaliation for the US selling arms to Taiwan.
Earlier, Russia similarly blocked the sanctions in retaliation for the US support of Georgia.
Whatever America does, Jews are retaliated against.
On the positive side, absence of sanctions might prompt Israel to finally attack Iran, though it’s way too late by now as the 3,000 centrifuges had spun out a sufficient quantity of uranium for a small bomb.

Earlier, the army had stopped Jews from visiting Joseph tomb in the Palestinian-occupied Schem (“Nablus”) in revenge for refusal of religious leaders to condemn settlers who defend themselves against Arabs, somewhat violently.
Today, the army allowed several buses into Schem. Like thieves in the night, a thousand Jews visited Joseph tomb before 5am.

Abu Sir, charged with terrorism, spent just 17 months in Israeli jail.

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