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During the debates, Obama mentioned Biden, Richard Lugar, and Jim Jones as the voices that shape his foreign policy opinions. Slightly less bad than the overt anti-Semites Brzezinski and Lake, also associated with Obama, Lugar and Jones push Israel hard to capitulate to Palestinians.

this week. There seems to be a welcome change in the military attitude to the terrorists, as the soldiers are otherwise instructed to drive away from the firebomb throwers.

Two fifty-pound bombs found and destroyed near Jenin, in the area fully controlled by the Fatah forces.
The peace process would deprive IDF the right of operation in the West Bank’s terrorist nests.

German court sentenced Gotthard Lerch to five years in jail out of the possible sentence of 15 years for aiding Libya’s nuclear program.
A few years ago, Libya surprised the world by allegedly dismantling its advanced military nuclear program.

The hereditary Jewish priests who reliably trace their genealogies to Zadok and then Aaron, performed the annual priestly blessing over the assembled Jews below the Temple Mount while Arabs were walking above their heads.

Leftists burn a hut which housed six young Jewish families with children at the outpost of Adi Ad near Shilo, the “Israeli-occupied” territory where the Holy Arc stood for centuries.

The MAAN Palestinian news agency published a poll which confirms other estimates: 40% of Gaza population – almost the entire young generation – want to emigrate even though clerics constantly admonish them to stay. The Palestinians can easily get visas to many Muslim states, but Israel keeps them shut in Gaza.
There is a simple and efficient way to solve the Gaza problem – just allow the place to depopulate naturally.

October 2008
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