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when the 16-year-old kid held a lit Molotoff cocktail, ready to throw it at Beit El village. The Arabs had a dozen firebombs ready.
The soldiers ambushed Arabs at the place the terrorists use customarily for the firebomb attacks. Molotoff cocktails, a seemingly innocuous weapon, are intended to fry Jewish families in their houses.

In what should be an example to Israel, Hamas administration in Gaza fired the striking teachers.
Israeli professors warned their students that the semester won’t start on time.

Olmert’s wife, an ultra-leftist named Aliza, inspected a number of properties. Not a bad deal for a man who couldn’t pay his hotel bills without Talansky’s assistance. Is this a bonus for leaving the government?

The group of historians commissioned by Dresden municipality found that merely 25,000 Germans were killed in the Allied bombings of that city, well short of the previous 100-150 thousand estimate. Such a pity.

Majadle, an Arab minister of science in Israeli government who lacks a high school diploma, brought sweets to Palestinian terrorists in Gilboa jail. Barak has still sweeter news for them: the Shalit talks are resumed, and a thousand Jew-murderers will be released for a Jewish leftist corporal.
Majadle has access to top-secret military projects conducted under the aegis of his ministry.

to effect Israeli capitulation before Palestinians in the next four months. And then would come Hussein Obama with Brzezinski and Lake as advisers.

Bush announced that the unprecedented $250-billion nationalization of American banks would stabilize free market. Orwell would have been proud.
Instead of allowing free market to bring down the real estate prices, inflated up to five times during the last fifteen years, the Administration stabilizes them. The real question to be dealt with is what to do with the millions of defaulting borrowers who happen to be voters. The current measure send some strong signals to the market: banks are encouraged to continue risky lending because the government would bail them out anyhow, and borrowers are welcomed to shoulder the unbearable debts which the government would restructure. The money comes from taxpayers through inflation.

Armed with firearms and firebombs, students attacked the administration of Al Ahzar University in Gaza over the dismissal of several of their friends.

The illegal African migrants continue streaming into Israel despite some sensible measures by the Egyptian border police. Today the Egyptians killed the 23rd infiltrator this year. Israel’s score is much below that.

Huge police forces managed to subdue the violence of merely a few hundred Arabs, a drop in the sea of 1.5 million Arabs in Israel.
The riots demonstrated again the fact which makes all the peace efforts doomed: 95% of Arabs might be nice and decent (though they aren’t), but the 5% can fight Jews to extinction. In the Acre riots, the Arabs were about two hours away from massacring the defenseless Jewish neighborhood. Like in 1973, Yom Kippur rest and empty streets allowed police and Jewish males to mobilize relatively fast.

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