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Arab elders of Acre apologized for insulting, provoking Jews of Acre on Yom Kippur. The Arab who started the riots by driving through Jewish neighborhood on the holy day is arrested on a nominal charge of speeding.
As usual, police arrested normal Jews from Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Front who came to Acre.
The government tries to blame the Arab riots on a single inciter, a well-known personage in the local mosque. According to the absurd story, he somehow took control of the mosque’s loudspeakers and broadcasted his message. All the Arabs immediately believed him and within minutes hundreds of them marched on the Jewish neighborhoods masked, armed with rods, axes, and firearms. In reality, the riot was premeditated – which the government loathes to admit.
Israeli government provided free apartments to Arabs who fled their houses in Jewish neighborhood.
The Tourism Ministry promised funding for joint Jewish-Arab abominations in Acre. Well, at least the government recognizes that Arabs are tourists in our land.

Barak created a new group in the Jewish army which specifically targets “the settler violence” – in other words, Jewish self-defense against Arab marauders.

The Supreme Court forced the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel to withdraw its petition against giveaway of the “Russian Compound” to the KGB regime. The government allegedly submitted secret documents showing that the giveaway is indispensable to Israeli-Russian diplomatic relations.
That is, of course, nonsense. The government often claims secret reasons for everything, down to prosecution of teenage Jewish protesters. Usually such “secret documents” are unsubstantiated reports from a precinct officer.
The giveaway set up a critical precedent for many other Jerusalem properties and provided Israel with nothing in return, as Russia continues its military cooperation with Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah.
The notion of self-respect is alien to Israeli government. Imagine if the Americans offered Russia to end the Cold War but asked for Kremlin buildings in return. Obviously, Russia would refuse. Not so the Jews.
Russia doesn’t even consider returning the Jewish community hundreds of synagogues and other buildings it confiscated from Jews, often from those murdered by Nazis and/or communists.

According to Hussein Obama, the American economy would be saved by the irrelevant measures such as allowing $10,000 withdrawal from 401-k accounts, $3,000 tax credit for new work places, and the like measures with no bearing whatsoever on the structural deviations of the economy.
The real problem, of course, is what to do with anywhere between 1.5 and 10 million mortgages sponsored by Fannie, Freddie, and other zealous lenders which offer not a slightest prospect of repayment. No president would go for evicting millions of voters from the houses they defaulted upon. Probably, the minority borrowers would enjoy a free ride with interest write-off and loan restructuring.

The Arab countries liberated by the US from each other joined the OPEC consensus for reducing the oil supply in order to jack up the gas prices for their fellow Americans.
The market correction of oil price to about $80 per barrel wrought stronger economic damage on Iran than all the sanctions combined.

The Palestinian terrorist group had earlier assassinated Rehavam Zeevi.

October 2008
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