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The elite “Arab police” unit is deployed in Acre in the effort to stem the Arab riots. The unit is normally employed in some of the most daring Israeli operations in the enemy territories. Dressed as Arabs, the policemen go into the enemy towns to fetch terrorists and terrorize hostile officials. Israel was always loath to admit the very existence of the “Arab police”. Using the unit against a mass of Israeli citizens is without a known precedent. Police thus demonstrate the Israeli Arabs are no less hostile than the enemies behind the green line.

Arabs rioted in Acre, Haifa amid false rumors that Jews killed Israeli Arab Jamal Taufik who insulted them by publicly violating Yom Kippur. The riots continue for the fifth day even though it was clear in a matter of hours that the Arab is alive. Jamal perhaps didn’t intend to provoke the Jews, but was just stupid enough to drive through the neighborhood on Yom Kippur with his family. According to Jewish (though not Israeli) law, such violation is punishable with death. The story is not clear as Jewish residents report the Arab’s provocative behavior. Whatever the case, our country would be better without them. Only in the Jewish state the Arabs armed with axes and rods can march into Jewish neighborhoods, chanting “Death to Jews!”, flip and burn Jewish cars, and smash Jewish shops, even shoot firearms, as happened in Acre.

The police did not rush to help the residents, poor Sephardi Jews, Israeli outcasts whose only hope was Meir Kahane. The police, in fact, clubbed and arrested many participants in Jewish resistance. Police used water cannons and stun grenades against Jews.

A pro-Obama Jewish Council for Education and Research website urges Jewish children to fly to Florida on the Columbus Day and blackmail their grandparents into voting for Obama with the threats of not visiting them again if they don’t comply.
Though technically a joke by Sarah Silverman, the campaign is fully operational.

IDF allowed thousands of Arabs to harvest olive trees dangerously close to Jewish settlements. Three of the Arabs tried sneaking into the Jewish village of Yitzhar. The locals spotted them, and IDF arrested two of the perpetrators.
It is only in Israel that Arab olives are worth the risk of Jewish blood.

October 2008
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