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who came to harvest the olives they believe are theirs. The army allowed close to 3,000 Arabs to come dangerously close to various Jewish settlements for olive harvest.

Joerg Haider, whose anti-Semitic party scored a major victory in Austrian elections, died in the car accident on empty road.
Israel need not be involved in Haider’s death, as he was equally inconvenient for the politically correct Europeans.

The houses, purchased by Arabs in Jewish neighborhood, were empty.

The government will buy stakes in many banks in the effort to bolster their credibility.

America supplies the Hezbollah-infested army with $63 million worth of equipment, including attack helicopters.

Why doesn’t he move to that area, infested with Arab criminals, where Jews cannot even walk safely and are constantly assaulted, – and then show us an example of calming down?
The Acre clashes signaled the first time when urban Jews mobilized against Arab marauders. In Lod and Yaffo, Jews suffer silently.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews vandalized the Russian Trojan Horse: the statue of King David made in the typical Slavic fashion, presented to Israel by Russians. Placing a statue in Jerusalem despite the prohibition of graven images, especially the statue of the pious messiah king is obscene.

Israel pardoned Zecharia Zubeidi, a notorious leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Jenin. Zubeidi carried a number of attacks against Israelis and their Palestinian collaborators, and vehemently opposes to peace. He claims, however, that Israelis appointed him to police Jenin.
The real reason for Zubeidi pardon is probably related to his late father. Mohammed started as terrorist but realized he cannot beat Israel with arms, and joined Israeli peaceniks. Zubeidi’s family is a darling of Israeli ultra-left.

Reportedly, Syrian police searched for some terrorists. The fighting left a few dead.
Unlike Israeli operations in the Palestinian “refugee” camps, Syrian attack on them produce no media outrage.

It’s too late, probably. The cash-hungry communist regime works to re-launch its nuclear reactor. The ex-CIA East Asia chief recently estimated that North Korea completed the production of nuclear warhead for its 800-mile Nodon missiles. And of course the communists will sell the missiles to any cash bidders – most certainly including Syria.

October 2008
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